Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 2 – Part II)

Sankar and laksh POV

Sanskar and laksh enter the parking slot after the long traffic. Sankar says he will get down here itself and asks him to park and come. As he walks few steps his phone buzzes it’s Omi. He attends the call and continuous to walk. He obviously hits someone but doesn’t realize. He feels his hand bit heavy but omi jokes on other which makes him not to turn back. Suddenly he feels and a soft hand passing near his and taking his phone, he turns and finds a pretty lady(ragini) with eyebrows risen in anger. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Her angry is like a music of nature to him. Something drags him to her, he takes a step forward to her. He wants hug and have her in his arms. He notices she is about to fall and the reflex membrane asks hold her immediately. He does so still looking at her black eyes. He pulls her close to him her frinches covered her face disturbing his vision. He brushes her hair back and sees her eyes blinking fast in shock her has a chain with the “RAGINI”. She starts again he wants to just admir her and covers her. He could her lips cursing him and he wants her to be quiet. He suddenly jerks back knowing the surrounding and leaves before he misses his control. He thinks is this what “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” he stands there recollecting the moments before.
Other side laksh parks his car and comes out. While he walks he finds an admission form with name “SWARA”. He tucks it in his coat and thinks to give in office the girl will come and collect there. He walks few steps and stops seeing a girl bent searching something. He sees her coming in his direction but stands there as a statue without any response eyeing her. He feels her hair tickle through his shirt as hits him. She looks up rubbing her head softly not messing her hair. He notices her lips move with a word of apology. He keeps seeing her black eyes that is a path to her heart. He again notices her lips moving with a questioning expression. He is lost in her. He sees her hand waving and repeating the same question. He sees a chain around her neck with name “SWARA”. He remembers the form in his coat and takes it out. She takes it with a great joy smile screaming happily. He sees her determination to join. He suddenly feels her body on him hugging with gesture of nothing. She apolgizes for doing. But his heart longs for another with every feeling and asks asks him to shut up. He notices a wound in her hand and immediately takes his hankie and ties around her arm. He feels take her all by himself to office but his lips uttered something else to go to office by herself for first aid. He says idiot in his mind and leaves. He thinks why is he feeling for her, a stranger.
Sanlak enter the their own room and sit to relax. There is a knock on door of laksh’s room. He asks to come in, it’s the receptionist diasy. “Sir, Here is the list of people giving their admission today. There 100 people out we can select on 20 from each group . There are 56 western singers and 44 classical singers. I have already to sankar sir he said he will take classical. So sir u have to common cabin in 15minutes” diasy expains everything with not even a doubt to ask. Laksh replies that he will be there and asks her to give his list and leave.
Swaragini meanwhile come to general office room and the first aid is done. They come to reception and give their application form. Diasy asks them to wait in the top left room and diasy leaves to give the list to sanlak and about other info(before para). Swaragini reach the hall and take their place. There was half an hour for the admission to start. Both pray to get selected

Next epi: suspense can’t reveal
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  8. Everyone is praising ur work…I’m one of them too..the way you express each nd evry feeling makes the readers to read it again nd again…but I got a dnt here u said that all of them were dancers nd today u wrote abt singers…bit confused…

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