Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 2 – First Meet)

Sanskar and laksh are on their way to academy in car. They get stuck in a long traffic jam. Out of all wagonr ,swift ,duster or whatever car their red audi drove by laksh shone bright as new infact it’s new gifted by dp. A laughing voice of two girls is heard, the two wheeler of them glides smoothy through the traffic. Swara drives it. Swaragini have two vehicles a blue and other pink. They opted blue today. Though they are rich they find hapiness in two wheeler and their father want their hapiness. SR’s vehicle comes to halt because of the driver infront of them. Well it is red car buuuuut it’s swift. They are just beside sanlak car. Swara and ragini see the splendid audi but don’t see the owner as windows were closed.they jawdrop seeing it. There horn sound from signalling them to move. The traffic starts moving soon enough they remain oblivious to each other. They proceed in their path.
Swaragini reach the academy as well as sanlak. Swaragini are scared tensed of the day whether they will get admission, if got how they will reveal to their father about wish. As they walk a firm body hits both of them from behind which makes swara fall down and all things also fall out while ragini’s shall gets stuck to his watch which pulls ragini with him. Ragini asks the person to stop with her temper rising but the doesn’t hear her and goes on. She notices he is on phone and goes forward turns him and takes his phone from his hand and turns it off. Ragini eyes him directly it is sanskar but she doesn’t know it. She yells at him can’t he hear her call him out. She firmly takes his hand which is tied with her dupatta she unties it. And her eyes him with anger and asks him if he is blind can’t see who is walking in front and pushed her sister and continuous to vent her anger. Sanskar moves a step forward which makes ragini fall back but sanskar holds her wrist at right time. A weird eye lock follows he pulls her up gently it makes her frinches fall on her covering half of it. Sanskar brushes her behind ear it makes her nerve rise and eye lock continuous . Ragini eyes shocked feeling something makes her see deep through his grey she feels it is deep to find secrets. Ragini regains her conscious and asks how could he touch her but before she starts all over again she sees her lips covered by his hand and other hand with a finger on his lips asking her shush. Her eyes blinks fast shocked. He leaves her shocked. She remembers swara had fell down and goes there and sees her standing bit shocked. She asks what happened is she alright. Swara glimpses back to the happening few minutes before. Swara has fallen down, she notices her elbow bleeding a bit but forgets it the moment she sees her things scattered around. She starts collecting everything and realises her admission form was missing. She starts searching it bending her head looking down. She hits something that hurts so much she sees laksh in front but she doesn’t know him. She apologize to him and asks if he had seen her admission form. He doesn’t respond anything. She frantically waves her in front of his face “hello!!”. Laksh takes a admission form from his coat and asks if it’s her form. She hyper seeing it and jumps around happily and gives quick hug but soon apologize again for hugging him. She notices his smile turning curious. He takes out a hankie and ties around her elbow and asks to do first aid. He leaves immediately. She is shocked the way he reacted genuinely. Ragini shakes her which makes swara to come to present. Ragini notices her wound and takes to office.
Next epi sankar and laksh POV about first meet.
Next epi will be short hope u like it

Credit to: unknown

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  1. I think it’s small

  2. Sisi vry nice epi…

  3. Unknown I jus love u yaar jus love ur story n thanx 4 making Swasan yaar !!
    But pls don’t make rags evil !!!

  4. Nice yr really liking ur story.go ahead

  5. I love ur story. Totally love it. It should have been like this. I actually like swara and laksh=swalak together and I like sanskaar and ragini= Sanra together. I really hope the drama actually turns like this swalak and Sanra

    1. Unknown plz make ragini and sanskaar together

  6. Read it again it’s swalak and ragsan

    1. Now swasan is also going good….but your story is really awesome….keep it up….

  7. Very very very very very very very very very very very…… Cute and sweet epi.
    But plz thora zyada likho……

    1. I will try see the first comment even i feel so

  8. its awesome yaar….I just read it but I can imagine the situation… first meeting….its lovely….unknown u really have gud creative sense…keep it up

  9. Wowwww…super…unknown ur simply superb yaar…tnk u for making swalak and ragsan…awesome..great start…??

    1. I agree with you

  10. itzz vry awesome story

  11. swalak rockzzz and ragsan meeting was awesome

  12. Akshaya Radhakrishnan

    @unknown amazin storyline…..its just wow n tks for swalak n ragsan……??

  13. Hey Unkown it was nice yaar.
    But I think its very common , as we saw similar situations in most of the Hindi serials… Proceed further..waiting for your updates

  14. Very awsum stories…wish to watch dem online too….waitin for more epis…thank you…

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