Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 19)


(i had told before some epi that i will be an invisible person i would pop up when there is mystery)
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While they were crying i sneaked some time to maheswari mansion to see decoration. The house decorated prettier with flowers to welcome the new bahus. Servants are hurrying so the function at home.
I climb the stairs and see a room at the corner of the corridor a locked room. I proceed to there but before i could unlock my inner sense asks me go to gm. I go there.
At gm
The vidaai is done. Swaragini hug sumi and shekar smiling and go to their pair. Ap asks them to get into car. Sanky “ma we are not coming in car” dp asks how will they be coming. Laksh turns to the bikes that ram and omi bought on their insistence. Swaragini are exited. Sanskar gets on red bike and laksh on black. Swara asks how will we sit pointing out her lehenga. Ragini rushes to sanskar and sits one sided holding him tight. Swara follows and sits behind laksh. Ap is shocked to see it and asks what are they doing. Sanskar “badema don’t worry we will reach with in different route”. Ap tries to protest but seeing her sons happy she relented.
Laksh asks swara to hold him tight or she might fall. Swara had never went in bike she tries to close of. Laksh sighs and jerks the bike a bit which makes swara to hold him tight “now good my wifey” laksh said making swara blush. Sanlak wear the helmet and take the bike.
They reached the main highway. A busy road people are noticing them surprised and comment. Swaragini are enjoying this attention of people. The traffic police stop them.
They are asked to get down. All four are cornered to side of road. Policeman ask are they running with the brides. All four laugh police look confused. They make him understand and leave laughing yet.
They reach mm. All have already reached and waiting for grahapravesh. They do it successfully. Later the night their love night has reached. Swalak and ragsan enter their respective room. They are looking haggard after tired day. And sleep deeply .

Next epi: romance ???

Credit to: unknown

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  1. I dnt lk ths idea sawsan nd raglak good even lk @thier personality heights nd all

  2. Ya plz very nice plz upload next part

  3. Hey its superb .i like swalak very much
    They were toooooooo good.keep on going .also post the previous episodes for me once please

  4. Sure geetha i will give from all previous epi in next epi alone. Sorry it’s short epi. And i will give more info about this night and some fun will be there i didn’t mention in this. And do u want the suspense to unlock fast. Do reply for my this comment

  5. Nice..hw they mange to sit n bke.??lol..its funny epi..nice pair ragsan look gd togthr…

    1. I had mentioned one sided they sit aunty ji. Ya curse sanlak for this idea.
      Guys hang on this epi will continue and i will elaborate what happend before their sleep as i making it funny

  6. east or west swalak is the best

  7. Hmmm waiting for next epi……love swalak scenes….

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