Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 19 Contd.)

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It’s morning we see sanrag room. Flowers are on floor ragini’s chunri is down. Some pillows are down too. We see the lying couple wrapped with thick blanket till nech. Oho!! Are they naked. Ragini opens her eyes which were disturbed by sharp stroke of sun rays. Her hair is messed up completely. She sits up straight letting the blanket fall. She is dressed in full casuals with a shorts a tanktop and over it a sheer shirt. She admires sleeping sanskar and thinks of previous night

Ragini enters the room she finds it dark. She searcges for light that time a hand grabs her waist and swings her in air. A voice of scream escapes from her though she knew it sanskar. Sanskar turns ragini to his sight. Light turn on. Sanskar in his night dress all fresh. Both are close to eachother sanky removes her chunri off her. He goes towards the neck and removes the heavy neckless. Ragini closes her as she couldn’t bear the intimacy. Sanskar removes all the ornaments leaving the mangalsutra behind. He sees her eyes closed and picks her and proceeds. He drops in front of washroom. She opens her eyes, sanskar asks her to freshen up he had kept dresses in. Ragini comes out wearing the dress. She sees the flowers out from bed. She looks confused and keeps her leg front she feels a soft tickle at the place. She looks down a sees a rose path to bed. She is impressed. She goes to sanskar and hugs him. She retards and fumes why he kept this dress if anyone knows sbe wears this dress then they will get scolded. Sanskar shushes her and says “no one will know as u will be wearing this dress only at night in this four walls so no will question u”. Ragini is happy about the liberty he gave. He says “you are looking haggard today. Let’s spend our love night some other day as even i am tired come let’s go to sleep”. Ragini then realises her tiredness. They get on bed and ragini hugs him and sleeps.
Fb ends

Ragini smiles thinking her loving hubby. She gets down the bed and goes for shower. After 15 minutes she came wearing a bath robe. She wasn’t comfortable wearing the heavy saree in washroom. She took out a red saree with stone works and golden pleats at end. She saw sanskar till then and hurried to changing room. The small place had a big mirror and there was rack with men watch’s. Down the shelf she saw all women accessories. Ragini got into wearing saree. It is second time she is wearing one. She wore for haldi but her mum helped her out but today she should manage all by herself. She finally draped it around but something left it clumsy. She from room to take her mobile to call mum.

Just then she saw sanskar who had bath just then with towel around his hip. Sanskar saw ragini and noticed her saree clumsily over her. He smiled and went to change room. He came wearing a jean and shirt. Ragini meanwhile who didn’t pick up the call. Sanskar caught her behind and turned her him. He removed the saree pleat on her shoulder and adjusted the cloth around her hip. She was shocked seeing sanskar making her wear saree. The silence profound the room. Soon ragini was seen in perfect saree.

Ragini looked at sanskar “phattu i didn’t know u know to tie a saree”. Sanskar pulls her cheeks “oh wifey are u possessive”. Ragini hits him and goes out. Sanskar looks upset but manages a fake smile.

Swalak room (morning)
There is pillow dust all over the room. The bed looks messed up. But there is noone on the bed. I searched to see the couple. In the corner of room swara is sleeping on laksh’s shoulder and laksh on hers. Their hair is a mess. Swara is in baggins and a tank top.

Fb plays
Swara enters the room and searches for laksh. She understands he is upto some mischief and looks under the bed he isn’t there also. Swara takes her dress to change. She comes wearing casuals. She goes to bed and lies on the right side. She feels some different feeling before she could retreat and hand bands her waist. The reveals the face it’s laksh. Swara removes the other side and notices many pillow that laid continuously that hid his body. Swara grabs one of the pillow and hits him. They get into a pillow fight. They start pulling eachothers hair. They are really close to eachother. Laksh is mesmerized he bends to kiss her but swara hits him with pillow playing. At last both are exhausted and sleep in corner.
Fb ends

Swara and laksh wake up together. They see each other and laugh. Swara sees the time and is shocked. She looks at laksh. Laksh sees and understands they are late. Swara says no laksh i am going first. Laksh says try if u can. Both take a sprint to washroom but swara manages enter first. She comes wearing a bath robe. Laksh enters in no time as he can’t get scolding. Swara gets ready in peacock blue green saree which is with peacock heather design. She wears matching accessories. Laksh comes out wearing a kurtha of same colour. They also leave the room and go down.
It’s swaragini’s pehli rasoi. Swaragini have never cooked. They are confused what to do. Sujata says come my dear bahus we can work. Swara and ragini look at eachother a wink. Ragini says “ma we will make ourselves but until the kitchen door will be closed”. Ap asks why. Swara cooks up a story saying that they are shy to cook in front them and they even want surprise them. Ap and sujata are confused and leave them in their go.

Swaragini get into cooking hall door is closed. Inside they hi five. Swara takes out the hidden ipad. She puts on the skype. Sumi is seen on other side. Swaragini join their hand to help. Sumi laughs and starts helping them in cooking. The food comes out good. They hug eachother and sumi leaves saying all the best.
Outside all are waiting. Laksh notices sanskar upset. He comes to him. Laksh asks what happened. Sanskar says “meri tom girl ki yaad aaya aaj (i remember my tom girl today)”. Laksh hugs him “our tom girl bhai”.
Who is this tom girl? Stay curious

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