Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 17)


Title:swaragini new(ch-17)
Credit to: unknown

Recap:ragini wins. Kavitha fb. All in kolkata.
New day. Swaragini are ready for haldi. The ceremony goes perfect without hindrance.
Sanlak are unstable as they couldn’t talk swaragini since morning. Evening mehendi ceremony goes on. Sanlak come. They are lost in sight of their brides who are giggling and enjoying the function. Sumi see maheshwari family and invite them.

Sanlak are asked find their name in mehendi. The beautiful designed layed by mehendi leaves sandal rosewater. Laksh sees swara’s hand notices the twisty curves he scratches his head and turns hervhand to multi angles finally he finds it. Next sanskar to find ragini’s name he didn’t take much time to find. Soon as it dries they remove it and apply coconut oil for enhancing the color. The girls go to their room exhausted.

A knock strucks the door and it gently opens. It’s sanskar and laksh with food plate. Sanskar”ma has sent us to feed as ur hands are oily”. The sit beside their partner. Sanskar and ragini go to balcony for dinner while swalak remain in room. They feed their girls who comply silently. Laksh”tomorrow is our marriage and i feel to make something exiting” swara giggles seeing his childish character. She begins to choke laksh keeps the plate down and helpz her with water she gulps it fast because of which she starts hiccuping. As water is finished laksh doesn’t know what to do. He kisses her on lips immediately shocking her which ultimately stops her hiccups. He backs off and smiles she says”pagal”. Laksh childishly brushes his hair swara kisses on his cheeks and smiles. Laksh notices in no time the food is over he thinks to call sanskar but swara stops him and tells let them spend some time. Laksh “then why don’t we spend” swara pushes him out and tells next day is their marriage then she would be all time with him even if he tries to go she won’t leave. Laksh goes down.

Swara thinks to call ragini and goes to balcony. She sees latter sitting on sanskar they are too close. Swara turns and makes fake cough to bring their conscious. Ragsan see swara turned and blush. Swara asks “can i turn” hearing a positive sound she turns and tells sanskar to go down it’s late. He leaves without saying anything.

Swaragini come to their bed and looks around carefully as it is the last night they are to sleep in their bed. Today they are sister from next day they would become devrani and babhi to each other. Tears wet their cheeks remembering their pillow fight and other masti in the room. The lie eyeing the roof. They don’t want their eyes to close but tiredness overcomes and puts them to deep slumber.

Next epi: suspense i.e. Same precap.

Credit to: unknown

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