Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 16)


Recap: swalak and ragsan romance. Sanskar meets kavitha. Heated up competition.

New day quaterfinals and semifinals at morning section and at evening 6 with all great musician the finale.
Swara gets into floral frock with her hair loosened up with a hairband. She takes the guitar and wishes for it’s luck. Ragini in red rose coloured anarkali tied her hair to a half pony and clipped the hairs together.

They come out of room. Sanlak gather everyone and leave to competition place.
Top 8 finalist are paired up.

There is only one room one stage for q-final. Swara and siya are called. They feel bad as two are close frnds competing with each other. The guitar swangs it’s way in room with swara’s chirpy voice. Siya takes her lead with flute. Both are unbeatable after half an hour siya couldn’t hold she loses the beat and is lost. Swara is to semi finals but she is teary eyed. Siya is shocked in her defeat swara rushes to her side and hugs her. Siya breaks down in her arm. After some time she composes. While swara is with siya outside waiting piya comes and breakes her violin. Kavitha from behind smirks and leaves with attitude. Ragini proves sitar can beat up piano with full efficient. Krish with tabla and seiko in drums gives tough beats. Seiko wins. So semi finale pairs are

They have lunch together. A familiar hand binds swara’s eye so does someone bind ragini’s eyes. Sanlak are wide opened to see the person. Swaragini lose in guessing. The hands lossen up. Swaragini to see shekar and sumi who are smiling wide. All four hug. Sanlak take ashirvad from their to be sasur.
Semifinals start. First is ragini and seiko. Classic and western changing the swift mood in room. Again rags proves the talent winning to finals.
Swara and kavitha guitar and veena. Swara plays to equal fury of kavitha. Kavitha started with anger genre swara had to continue with it. In final fast beat swara’s strings break it’s the thin string the most important. Swara loses. She comes teary eyed out. Kabotha leaves wjth least bothered. She hugs laksh who was just standing in the entrance. She needed a support as she couldn’t stand. Laksh helps her to sit. Sanskar goes for water. Kavitha comes to him “oh sanky worried for ur babhi then what will happen when ur gf and ex gf play. If you are not mine noone can be yours. Bye mister.”. Sanskar fumes but remembers swara crying. He gives laksh water for swara. Ragini leans on his shoulder he hugs her. All return to hotel swara is back to normal she wishes for sister’s victory.

Ragini changes strings. They take rest.
Finale ground. Many singers musician are there to witness the program. Ragini is wearing blue lehenga being traditional for finale. Kavitha arrives in red lehenga with her veena. At last met with their eyes clashing. The competition begins.
Kavitha gives up furious start ragini continous it with her style turns it to soft music pleasing the audience. The jugalbanthi goes to an hour at last it ends with draw. It audience poll of winner.

The host comes to stage with result
The winner is is is is is is is
Ragini is in seventh heaven. She is given the trophy. Sanskar laksh and her entire family is called all celebrate it with rising the trophy high up air. Kavitha fumes seeing it. Sanskar sees her and goes to her “oh baby don’t cry. Never dare to eye on ragini” he warns her and leaves. All leave the stage. Ragini comes down last. Kavitha blocks ragini “ragini gadodia you might have won the competition but you can’t win sanskar” she smirks and leaves. Ragini stands confused.
She changes to casual after all masti but kavitha’s words disturbs her mind. She goes to sanskar’s room and takes him to park. She narrates kavitha word to him. Sanskar losses his beat. Fb starts
Sanskar and kavitha are shown in sal academy carrying and loving. One day he hears kavitha telling someone that she is after his money. He slapped and left her on the ground. He hated girls then.But then he met ragini who he fell love after a year.”
Fb ends

Ragini hugs sanskar and tells that she is with him and trusts him completely.
Next day all leave to kolkata.
At maheshwari mansion. Dp announces swalak and ragsan marriage after two days. Ap says to laksh and sanskar you must not see ur bride till marriage. Sanlak sigh showing their frustration in it.
Kavitha is seen arriving Kolkata. She thinks ragsan marriage won’t happen.

Next epi: on marriage day. Ragini is shown tied up. Sanskar taking pheras.
Be with this suspense. Do comment. Love all the person for reading my ff.

Credit to: unknown

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