Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 15)


Recap: airplane fun and a new entry.
Swalak and ragsan have compeleted and go in different direction for sometime alone.
Ragsan: ragini and sanskar have joined their hands and strolling across the hotel. Ragini “sanskar you are one biggest phattu in this world you don’t know where you have to take lover in new place. Phattu” sanskar stops and sees ragini, she goes but comes to halt seeing sanskar in halt. She goes to him and ask what is the matter. He says ” who is phattu” rags realises for past sometime she has been calling him phattu but he hears him mocking her calling ” ladoo”. She is shocked and punches him ” hiw do u know my nick name is ladoo, phattu” sanskar “ur dadi calls u ladoo right and don’t call me phattu ar else u will in big problem”. Ragini laughs turns and ready for sprint calls him phattu and ragini starts running followed by sanskar saying “u are gone”. Ragini takes the room card from clutch and opens her room door but before she could close and hand stops it and enters the room.

Swalak see ragsan running and entering the room and it clicks. Swara says i think i can’t go to room. Laksh i think u can come to my room. “U are such a luck” says swara, “that’s why i am called lucky” laksh replies. Swara makes a false cough teasing him. He says come on shona it’s enough let’s go. They go to laksh’s room.
While our trapped couple ragsan
Sanskar approaches close to ragini. She giggles and nods her head moving back. At last she is pinned to the wall and sanskar is really close to her. They are to kiss but ragini pushes him and runs towards the bed to go other side. They run around the room giggling and laughing throwing pillow at each other making mess out there. Sanskar caught her soon from back and lifted her a bit but he fell on the bed as the skid him. Ragini is on sanskar who laughs she tries to move but he was too swift that he locked her to bed. Both breathe heavily sanskar says “kargosh(rabbit)”. He leans down tired near her neck. He can hear heart beat now. He seeps more into her skin. Ragini hugs him. His hand moves to her zipper. All of sudden sanskar gets up and says “what where we about to do” realising the intimacy in the room. Ragsan arrange the room. And sanskar leaves the room.
Swalak meanwhile the room both are sitting on the bed. Swara turns on the t.v. Annabela is playing. She saggs to bed getting interested to film. She didn’t notice laksh’s expression. He tells s?wara change the channel please swara turns she tells “it’s not even a minute since movie begun. Oh!!! You are darpok”. Laksh ” me darpok never” he smirks and turns to watch. As seens go he gets scared he turns to swara “ya i am darpok change the channel”. Swara bursts into laughter and nods her head in refusal to his request. Laksh tries to take the remote control. She hides it behind. There is hide and seek of remote. At last laksh falls on her in the attempt. A eyelock follows that swara’s finger changes the channel and manchala plays. They are too close. But it breaks with knock on door. They compose. Laksh opens the door it’s sanskar who is motionless. Swara understands the situation and leaves.
She comes to ragini and ask her what happened. Ragini tells nothing let’s sleep i am tired. They change to casual. So sanlak get ready for sleep. All 4 go to sleep. Lights off.
As lights go off in one place in some other place lights go on. A girl is playing veena furiously. Her face is shown. A tall girl age is around 22 pretty fair but lots revenge and hatred filled face. A gentle hand places on her shoulder which calms her and stops the fury of strings. She turns to the person and says “papa”. The man is shown it’s raghav lekh he bends down and wipes her eyes “no kavitha no my child be strong you must fight don’t waste ur knowledge beat ragini in contest any where in selection quaterfinals semifinals even in finals where u meet her take everything” kavitha wipes her tears and gives a evil look “ragini u will live from today in pain”.
Next day is selection. The most talented singers appear as judges. It goes with one on one. Nothing is high nothing is low all perfect. It gives tough beat for judges. SwaRagini sees the name web. It’s complicated u beat u enter in next level. They set their throat manage their hands which gonna flow through strings in soft glide producing perfect tunes. A 12hour scheduled hall from 9am-9pm. Swara ragini cross every participants with victory. Sanlak are tensed for their academy name. Anyone wins they are happy.
It’s not just not swaragini winning it’s even kavitha making progress in each level. The selection done the quater finalist announced

The girls arrive tired to room. Sanlak are happy to know 4 from their academy is proceeding to q-finals. They go for aid to all. Sanskar comes to ragini who is sitting in her room. Ragini notices him in some depressed thought and asks him what happened. He goes to fb
As one of their participant loses she starts crying and sanskar goes to get water from. He meets kavitha there and is shocked. She smirks and tells ur new gf is prettier than me. Congrats but it won’t last forever.
Fb ends
He sees ragini waiting for reply. He says nothing just stress. Ragini kisses his forehead and he leaves with fake smile.
Swara is sitting in park bench and removing the strings to change. She is feeling tough as her hand is paining due to continous playing. Laksh sees her and helps with strings and plays to see everything is fine. Swara eyes him lovingly. She tells first time i see u playing thanx it soothes me from stress. He plays an other tune she listens calmly as it speaks the words of their heart.
Next epi: competition
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