Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 14)


Recap: swalak and ragsan engagement.
That week the practice section was serious all were trained heavily.
After week…
Swaragini wake up from their soft bed. Ragini to freshen up while swara with drowsiness eyes the packed suitcase. They have to leave at 10 for airport for the plane to reach their dreams. Swara smiles thinking that soon all is gonna be fine. Soon the girls come out ready. They are in casual jean and tank top binding their hair to ponytail. They have breakfast together with their family. They leave taking the blessing from god and elders. Their private driver comes with BMW to drop at airport. They hug sumi and shekar and leave for the dreams that is to be accomplished.
The girls reach airport they check in to the kolkata airport. They go to their section across ABCDEF and ya G is theirs. They see laksh and sanskar waiting for all the finalist to arrive. Almost 8 have arrived including them. Oh sh*t siya piya are to come and the time is race to 9:15 they must go for final check in 5 min. They get into the line. Swaragini eye for siya piya. Just three more in front them. “Wait,wait” a voice echoes swaragini turn to find siya piya wow they atlast made it. Sanlak enquire their delay and produce the ticket of the 12 passenger. They check in. Soon the flight of their is called. They wait again in line.
Finally they boarded into the airplane.They had opted for business class and the entire double seat in column is occupied by them. Sanlak occupy front followed by swaragini then siya piya then the rest six of 2girls and 4 boys. The airplane starts its flight.
The flight is to land swara wakes up sleep and eyes from window the city has come to view. Swara is holding the arm which is not of girl she turns and smiles seeing sleepy face it’s laksh. In between ragini and laksh interchanged their seats. In front ragsan sleeping with ragini laying her head on sanskar and sanskar gently placed his head on ragini’s head. Swara wakes up all the sleepy heads. Still half hour to land she takes her guitar and plays (her finger is good now)with rags singing. It enlighten all tje passenger on board.
The flight is landed they get their bags and a cab arrives arranged by them. Three cabs for 12. They arrive to 5☆hotel it belongs to shekar and dp with equal partnership so their charge 50% less. Totally six rooms one for two of them. All leave to take rest.
It evening sanlak come to swaragini ask for a date. They oblige and leave to get dressed. Swaragini come wearing a pretty frock and all leave it’s double date. They go to inside restaurant and have some time carefree.
A girl eyes them curiously having a champagne. She tells sanskar maheshwari you are finished swaying her hand across the neck indicating death.
Next epi: the competition
I hope all are happy of this cont treat. I will update next ASAP

Credit to: unknown

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