Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 13)

Recap: swaragini get selected in competition
A fresh and engagement day. Swara and ragini are ready with beautiful lehenga. Swara is wearing glittery gold lehenga with red border and central design whereas the later is wearing glittery silver lehenga with blue border and central design. They wear complete bridal makeover of big earing, the accessory that is placed in forehead( i didn’t get it’s name), bangles. The left open with the red and blue chunari covering the respective head. The look like perfect brides but it’s just engagement. Though everything is perfect the girls yawn in unison.
They were woken up early for puja to pray for welfare in the new step in the life. It went for two hours. The girls just sat in front of idol all sleepy just nodding for the hyms. The come back to room it’s hardly a half hor sleep sumi wake them up. They had started the makeover three ago just now it’s over. The girls have food before they to maheshwari mansion.
In maheshwari which decorated with flowers lightning and other decoration. Ap and Dp take care of all the work and are busy. We move to sanlak who are done together they aren’t permitted to go out.
Laksh is wearing a white sherwani with rad coat and badge while sanskar in white sherwani with blue coat and badge. The family selected dress of same color for groom and bride. They look handsome and dashing. They feel a bit stuffy in this clothes as they hardly such dresses.
Swaragini arrive so does sanlak are let out. They see each other and sanlak are mesmerized seeing swaragini. All arrive in the hall. Dp says “pandit had informed that 6-7pm is good time. Before that let’s pray nothing bad happens”. They pray. Dp asks swaragini and sanlak to place their rings on red and blue cusion respectively. They oblige.
Soon guest start coming. The entire place is covered with chatting gossiping kids running. Dp brings everyone’s attention. Dp ” Hi everyone. I had invited you all to see my sons engagement and shower all your blessing for future. This swara and ragini (pointing them who are next to their partner) my to be daughter in law and daughters of shekar gardodia. We all I and shekar are good business now we have even bonded personally now. I hope all enjoy this function. Thanx” saying so he nods for the engagement cermony to begin.
Annapurna brings a tray with a red cusion placed two pretty ring while sujata brings a tray with a blue of two shiny rings. They exchange rings all clap wishing for them. Sumi gets bit emotional who is standing btw the two couples. Swaragini hug her and composes.
All leave for dinner. Swara feeds laksh and ragini feeds sanskar they laugh and all are happy.
Other than the autor(that’s me) someone else is noticing them. I follow the person he looks like a sardar a waiter. He attends the phone. He says ya i am raghav lekh have reached. I hardly peep to hear on other side but can hear only a female voice saying i have reached mumbai. The phone ends and he smirks seeing sanlak and swaragini. He tells i will spoil life soon enjoy as much as you can. He goes into the party with one among the other. Still the evil face is in my mind.
Next epi: after a week the academy goes to mumbai.
It’s short epi. I have the authors character as an invisible person who walks around the family and writes. As i am invisible i can’t inform the couple. It’s my pure imagination. Hereafter i will add some seens of my reaction to it without confusing the storyline. Noura i can’t tell the day exactly i will be posting one as i have no idea what is gonna next min sorry dear.

Credit to: unknown

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