Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 12)


The day starts. Swaragini are in academy. They enter their respective classes. Piya “hey swara” and goes to her “Your bf has asked us to come to meeting hall immediately come”. Swara:”stop it piya stop saying bf. Come let’s go to auditorium”. Piya-” whatever “. Swaragini and others reach auditorium.
Sanlak see everyone assembling. They grab each mike. Laksh” Hi everyone we called this immediate meeting as we are gonna share some good and also bad news”
Sanskar “so i and laksh were busy for some days. And as we came back we got a news. So good news the competition to fulfill all your dream is hear and bad news is…”
Laksh “…is we have just a week and we will hurry with selection so train up tmrw top 10 selection. So guys u ready come on rock the floor. And another news is here for a week the class is for 6 hours 9am-3pm”
Sanskar ” all the best. Prepare well do maintain ur voice. And guys u can take a pair or single show with anyone and do your best. This is to increase ur stage program as there will many in the competition to challenge on floor. An hour prepare”
Laksh ” your time starts now”
There is whisper in the crowd. Swaragini hug each other they are happy to see their dreams accomplishing soon. They leave for practicing in the song.
Sanlak are tensed common for all. The competition fear courage victory lures in the air around. Sanskar gets call from house. It’s ap asking to bring swaragini in evening he replies positively.
The show starts laksh and sanskar sit in a big comfort chair with teachers beside marking each and giving suggestions to improve for the next day. The whole hall is covered with music tearing and slicing the air show their strength of voice. Many rock the floor while create a scenary of devotion.
Swaragini come to stage. Sanlak are finger crosses. Swara smiles at laksh and ragini at sanskar. Ragini sits on mat and places the sitar on her lap and starts her play she starts with alapana(a classical stretch like aaa…. i know bit about classic singer). The tone fills the room while swara starts her playing the guitar. It’s a jugarbanthi. A heated music blast in the auditorium. They end together in unison tone. All clap and a standing applause. Sanlak are proud. Ragini notices that in last note swara hit her finger cut the finger she rushes to her aid. The instrument master ask her to soft cap while playing next day.
Later the evening ragini spots swara crying and asks the reason. Swara: my finger is paining i fear i doesn’t disturb my play tmrw you know how i want this. Ragini composes her and says everything will get fine. Laksh sits next to swara who just came and say don’t cry wipe now u both come to my house my father asked to call you. Swara wipes her tears they leave to maheshwari villa.
Next epi: swara sings but feels terrible pain while paining. After the play she sees her finger is full blood.
My exam over. So here is the epi next epi will bring some romance

Credit to: unknown

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