Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 12 Contd.)

Swaragini and sanlak reach maheshwari villa. Swaragini are surprised to see their family also there. Swaragini ask shekar what is the matter for all meeting here. Sumi says ” we just planned for dinner together”. They get engaged in talking as there is more than an hour for dinner. Ragini “won’t u show your room ” they leave while swalak go to the garden.
Ragini sees the yellow room with same coloured bed and everything. It’s giving a pleasant brightness. She notices the room a bit messy and she scolds sanskar and goes arrange them. While ragini is arranging while sanskar shuts the door and pulls up the big maroon curtain contrasting the room. Ragini is folding the blankets and sanskar hugs her twirls in arm. They are facing each other. Ragini hits him and says someone can see us. Sanskar ya someone will see us from closed curtains. Ragini feels idiotic. Sanskar “you owe me kiss and you should propose in this closed room”. He brings her close just about to kiss ragini interrupts ” first i will propose than the kiss”. Sanskar “jo tumhara marzi (whatever u wishor think)”. She takes a cloth from his wardrobe and ties it around his eyes. She slids a ring in his hand. She removes his cover and sees the ring it’s plain platinum band with something special. On it a name with six letters that join guess what ……………. It’s ragsan scraped on it. Sanskar looks up doesn’t see ragini. He turns around and sees ragini wearing the white tanktop to a patialla which she covered with purple jacket zipped up. So behind her covered jacket is now seen to sanskar it’s written i ♡you sanskar in bold font filling her bosom. She ordered this shirt specially for him . He hugs her and ragini comes really close to him. They kiss, a deep kiss for a minute. They break it and breath heavily. Just then ragini notices her hand messing sanskar’s hair and sees sanskar’s hand under her tank top holding her waist. So does sanskar realise. They are about to kiss just then sujata calls ragsan down. They laugh and come back to posture sanskar combs his hair with hand and ragini wears the jacket and makes look as it was before because even hair was bit messed up (well it was really deep kiss i think).
They leave down and sit in the huge long table. Swara is sitting in between ragini and laksh and ragini is between sanskar and swara like sanskar ragini swara laksh in straight line. Swara asks ragini why is sanskar’s perfume smell coming from u and giggles thinking what would have happend. Ragini backs her asking why is one of your earing in laksh’s shirt. Swara notices and grabs before anyone else could notice. She thinks of time few minutes before.
When laksh and swara are in garden. Swara is admires a flower but sees it with lack of water. She goes to watering. As she waters laksh lifts her because of which water splashed on him and he is wet completely. He goes to his room followed by swara. He comes out changed. he sees swara reading magazine on his bed. He bond spelled seeing her. He goes behind her oblivious and puts his face near ear and rest his chin on her shoulder. She stiffens and turns and sees him. That time her earring got stuck to his shirt. He immediately kisses her while she is on her knee on bed. She breaks it hearing the call of ap. Swara sets herself and rushes out blushing. Now they are here.
Ragini turns to dp “uncle i and swara are planning to take part in competetion if we are selected can we go to Mumbai”. Sadly dp refuses. Sanskar ” but bade papa they are really good pls give them a chance and don’t worry i and laksh are going there to accompany the students”. Laksh “pls papa one chance”. Dp says ok but before it ur engagement will be conducted day after tmrw”
All leave swaragini smile at sanlak and depart.
Next day the girls hurry. Swara sees her finger is all same covers with band aid and takes a soft cap. They leave. All tune their instruments. There comes a juice for all it is ginger juice good for throat.
Ragini goes for competition before swara as it is alphabetical order. Piya is already selected. Ragini comes out happily with positivity. This time the marking was meticulous and stress trauma in the room anyone could lose just in fear. Siya goes she so does is selected. After going down some names swara name is called. She enters the room pressing her hurted finger to bear the more pain. She starts playing and singing. Though she is in terrible pain to the core black hole she plays nonstop. The judges ask her to wait till result is announced. Swara comes out and takes out the softcap which is clutched to finger tight. It’s bleeding she is immediately nursed in the office.
All are enthusiastic to know the results the last five. The first three announced. Ragini is cross fingered praying for swara her eyes tightly shut. Swara the name strikes her ear as the 9th finalist. The girls hug to know all are selected.
Swaragini call sanlak and inform about they being selected. Sanlak were busy engagement preparation so they couldn’t attend. They share the hapiness with.
Next epi: swalak ragsan engagement.
Sorry it’s too late. My exams nearing and too hectic schedule. Should i continue guys pls comment so i could know number follower. I think i am not up to mark that even a silent reader could start commenting. I will try my best to update soon until then bye.

Credit to: unknown

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