Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 11)

Recap: shopping fun

It’s a new day and swaragini birthday. The girls come in their new dress i.e. A long skirt and top both wearing type. Swaragini come to breakfast table and everything went normal. Swara asks today is there some special shekar yes i have important meeting to stabilise the business. Ragini tells ma… but sumi interrupts “ya dear even i have to meet my friends today and see you are getting late for academy hurry up”. Swaragini get up in middle of the breakfast and leave to academy.
Swaragini reach their respective class they notice siya-piya are on leave. Classes start the class goes on drooling. Swaragini meet at break.
Ragini: hey worst birthday ever
Swara:ya let me call siya piya they bunk the class today.
Swara calls piya but siya attends the call.
Siya: hey swara sorry dear can’t come today piya is not feeling well so even i bunked up today catch you later.
The phone hung before swara could say anything. The bell rings before they could talk to each other.
The instrumental masters tell swaragini that they should stay till 5pm as they missed the class for a week. The day goes on. Swara was not even able to meet laksh as their love story is secrecy to the academy. Ragini is completely exhausted of taking notes. At last day is over. They drive to home.
Swaragini have reached don’t bother to enter. As they flew open the door a sudden burst of sound strikes their ear and many flowers fall on them . Swaragini see maheshwari family gadodia family siya piya ram and omi and their entire sanlak academy students there. In center a curtain embosed of their pic with bolded font wishing them birthday. Shekar says get ready and come down. Swaragini still confused go to room and hug each other and jump. They notice the dress they selected yesterday neatly arranged with accessories and Cinderella glass shoes.
In next half an hour ragini in her purple gown with diamond necklace and earing with flower bun of curls. Swara in magenta gown with single side half sleeved with accessories and her half clipped with rest flowing. They come down. Swara notices laksh in the yellow coat she selected yesterday and ragini sees sanskar in the red coat bought yesterday .
Swaragini come to shekar and hugs him shekar says “my princess daughters “. They say papa you also joined he laughs. They go to sumi she holds her ears sorry ragini takes out her hand and they hug her. They get blessings from dada dadi. They welcom dp and all. They go to sanlak who are standing with siya piya ram omi. Swara hits siya and piya for lying to them. She angrily eyes laksh while he smirks seeing it. Ragsan eye each other longingly. Ragini breaks the contact turning to ram and omi she says you too ram and omi chorusly say “jai badrakali” taunting ragini. She hits them. A huge cake arrives it’s not huge it’s long. A normal size with a length of 100cm and breadth 50cm oh so big. It is covered with swaragini collage from birth to uptime all sweet memories . They are given each a knife to cut. They pierce it into the cream cake and slicing to small pieces they feed each other then their parents.
The dinner is served.
A clinging sound of wine glass is heard all turn around forming a semi circle. It’s laksh he comes to swara and brings her to the center floor. He gets on his knees. Maheshwari and gadodia family are shocked yet happy. Laksh takes out the platinum ring with diamond and proposes saying “swara gadodia i laksh maheshwari confess my love in front of all. Accept the ring if it’s yes”. Swara is super happy she turns to her parents who are smiling then to laksh proceeding her hand. Laksh slides the ring that perfectly lands on right place. All cheer and cling happily swara hugs ragini to control her hapiness ragini eyes sanskar who is congratulating laksh. She is sad. DJ plays sun sathiya and swalak dance dances romantically with other pairs.
As it gets over hamari adhuri kahani plays. Ragini feels a pull of her waist to dance floor. She eyes him angrily it’s same familiar eyes. It’s sanskar.He gets rough all over her. Everyone stop their dance noticing ragsan so does swalak. Swara is scared for ragini. Sanskar dances fast with her spinning and twirling but she doesn’t budge and moves along him. At last she falls in his arm. She feels something brushing thrugh her finger it’s the ring. Dheere dheere plays they softly. Laksh notices the ring in ragini’s hand and brings it to everyone notice. Shekar and dp are happy that they had made a good alliance. All clap swara comes to ragini and teasingly asks when did this all happen. Ragini blushes. The birthday party goes on in full swing.
It’s night all are leaving ragini hits sanskar for delaying his reaction, sankar “why should boys always propose not girls”. Ragini fumes making her face red sanskar kisses her cheeks on that. Ragini giggles and they hug.
All leave. Swaragini alone in room spend the time of this exiting turn in life.
Next epi: ragsan and swalak romance.
Guys i somehow managed to type this. I think u enjoyed. I made it ragsan moment.

Credit to: Unknown


  1. Richa

    heyyy siso did u get my Diwali msssggg i mean in that good wishes fic if not plss read itsss 4 u nd Aishu…….. i wish to talk to u again my deriess u allll i wissh to talk 2 u again nd misss u a lott m leaving this cmmnt bcozz i knw u r here cmmnting nd reading dr NIKA and Aishu……
    wish 2 c u agin siso plss do replyy if u cm here reading this fic…..

    • unknown

      Hey richu i won’t forget u i am the author of this ff and it’s nika. I was so possessed during my exams so quited but i am here again under diff name. Love my anime sis and miss u.
      U will find rarely commenting enjoy bye. Again love u

      • Richa

        i knww dr u asked me nt to tell ny1 sooo i didnt 😛 sooo i saidd that u cm here reading dr hw cn i frget i met u last on my mysterious 1 fic nyways i cmmnt rarelyy bcozz m busyyy with myy own cllg nd fics nd ii havent yet updated 2 of them nyways plsss do read my ongoing fic A COMMON LOVE STORY nd my dp/coverpic der is mostlyy anime drrr i tooo miss u a lot tc. dr nd welll hope to c AISHU alsooo 1ce again nddddd plss do telll hozzz my fic nd relate it to any anome … 🙂

  2. Its good ! But u cld hav created sum drama …ragini is not dat kind of girl who will accept the proposal soon !! She shld hav ran away upstairs out of embarassment aftr sans proposed ! Then after sum days , she realize dat Its wrong and accept d proporsal !

    Its gud anyways !!!…loved it !!

  3. lina

    Seriously what is wrong with all of you.swalak should never even happen.what is the probability that someone else accuses swara of something else with all the evidence that laksh will not believe it. Sansakar is not a bad person,he is the only one who truly loves swara although she doesn’t realise now.sankar will do anything to keep swara happy but laksh will do anything to get swara including blackmailing her emotionally.

  4. xxx

    Can someone plz continue the ff of swalak(true love never dies) and if someone can the precap was that swara signaling to laksh that he has lipstick mark on his shirt

  5. unknown

    Well today i am sad noticing the above comments. But still i am gonna write it down for disheartened swalak fans. Don’t u all forget u were the one asking not seperate swalak few months ago. You were cursing ragsan. But now as sanskar has all good u like swasan. The truth is that even i am swasan fan before i was swalak fan. Now i literally hate laksh in the show so i thought to give a new color. Everyone fasinated the old laksh so i tried to bring it. Though i failed but i made laksh a suitable person for swara. Don’t u guys remember that ragsan was cheered at sanskar’s entry. And i didn’t portray ragini as innocent traditional but devilish. I made her modern bold her slap on sanskar on first meet showed it and true to heart. The characters i maintained was sanskar and swara. So guys try to look my story with new face. Thanx mumina for ur support i know u once rejected but u are now seeing what i see thanx again. Sorry if i hurted anyone with my above comments. See u after a week with new update until then bye.

    • Don’t give a damn to the bad comments, because more than negative comments there are positive also think of those swalak fans who appreciate your work.???

    • U dont worry dear…v cant blame them also….. They loved innocent ragini nd laksh initially and hated sanskaar…nw its totally opposite..its just that they get decieved by the way the stupid director is potraying the charecters for his cheap thoughts of increasing the trp…..
      And those who want swasan , there r so many ff out there nd the boring serial is cuming every day at 9:30IST. U pple go nd read those ffs and watch dat serials ….dnt read this ff if u dnt want ragsan and swalak !

  6. Richa


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