Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 9


Next Morning the sun rises with new freshness and Sanskar got ready to meet his love. He got down and saw Laksh talking in the phone. I know Lucky how u feel it said Sanskar. Bhai don’t worry about me I am fine BTW where r u going asked Laksh. To meet the drama queen I am getting late catch u in the lunch Sanskar said and left. Laksh also left to office. Ap sees Laksh and thinks why does his life this much complicated and prays to God.
Swara got ready in red top with white skirt took her guitar. Maa I am going to academy I will come in the evening Swara said and left. May God shower blessings on her said Sumi. Swara riding her cycle thinking about Sanskar. What will he do any ways I am also not less and suddenly she saw a black alto car following her. She got down and knocked the door. Arre open the door she said. Sanskar who is inside opened the window and winked at her. Swara freezed to see his reaction. Who are u ? Why are u following me? He got down from the car. He is wearing red shirt with grey blazzer and black pant. Hi I am Sanskar nice to meet u said Sanskar with attitude. Oh Attitude but not with me Sanskar she thought in her mind. So what she said. Don’t u know the manners of telling the name he said. Oh so tell me one thing do I know u r u any friend of mine suddenly she saw a car coming towards her. She closed her eyes then she saw late a hard protective hand held her waist and her face inside a sweet smelling chest. She slowly opened her eyes and saw herself in the arms of Sanskar. She came out of his hand and walked towards her cycle. She wrote something in a paper and sticked on the tree beside it. She walked few steps. Sanskar came to the tree and saw what is written in it. Looked towards her she looked back at him and smiled. In the paper “ SHONA MY NAME AND MY PH NO”. Both smiled thinking about the sweet morning.


Credit to: Rini

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