Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 6, 7, & 8

Swara rides her cycle and thinks about Sanskar. She gets Laksh call.
Swara: han Laksh tell.
Laksh: Bhabhi tonight Ragini is going to keep New Year party and called a lady named Kaveri to sing in the party and I got the organizer bill.
Swara: send me the bill’s copy and cuts the call.
Swara gets the photo and goes to the organizer. Swara says Sir I want to meet Kaveri. Organizer says Now only she came and shows her a woman. Swara follows her and goes to talk to her.Swara ask what secret u know about Dp. Kaveri says give ur neck piece and I will tell u. Swara gives it and Kaveri says I saw Dp with a dead body and took some pics and shows it to Swara. Swara suddenly got Uttara’s call and comes to MM. She saw Ragini insulting Annapurna and thinks God what will I do. She suddenly an idea and takes a duplicate spider and throws on Ragini. Ragini screams and falls in the tub which of black water. Swara comes there and helps Ragini. Swara says Mam first u come inside and takes her. All went inside and gets back to their work. Swara comes into Ragini’s room and sees her fuming. Swara says Mam Sanskar sir asked you to sign these papers and gives a flie. Ragini in anger signed the papers and says no one should disturb me for some time. Swara complies and leaves. Swara again thinks to go back to Kaveri but Sanskar stops her and says I want a file Shalini its in my room go and get it. Swara says Shalini. Sanskar says yes Ragini is eagerly waiting for my word whether u r Swara or not so If u want to go out do whatever I tell u. Swara having no option goes to the room while Sanskar smiles. Swara enters the room and sees a medium size balloon with Sanskar face and written Sorry Swara. Swara smiles seeing it and Sanskar comes there. Sanskar says So now u r happy. Swara thinks y should I show it to him and turns with rude face. Swara says I have lots of work other than forgiving u and leaves from there.
Swara comes to Kaveri house and sees her going somewhere and follows her. Kaveri reaches a hospital. Swara goes behind her finds a the girl which Kaveri showed in the photo alive. Kaveri says Kavitha finally u r fine its been five years since u were in coma. Kavitha says thank u for whatever u did for me. Nurse comes and went with Kaveri for formalities. Swara comes to Kavitha.
Kavitha: who are u
Swara: I am Swara Bose are u Sanskar’s lover.
Kavitha: do u Sanskar where is he.
Swara says I will explain u everything and tells all the things till their divorce matter. Kavitha says Ok Swara I will come and clear all the things. Swara says thank you so much. Kavitha sees her eyes and Swara leaves.

Chapter 7
In the evening
Whole house is decorated and guests starts coming. Ragini comes down and ask Annapurna and Sujatha to serve drinks. They hesitately goes. Sanskar and Laksh discuss about Swara. Laksh says Bhai Swara told that she will end all this drama and asked us to wait. Sanskar says I am also think what she is upto. Kaveri comes and performs with Ragini. Dp stays tensed and Swara arrives there. Ragini says in this special occasion I want to open the biggest secret of Dp. And plays the photos which Kaveri showed. All are shocked but not Swara. Kaveri says Durga Prasad is a murderer. Swara says but I have proof that u r wrong. Ragini says what proof u have Shalini. Swara says I am not but Swara and removes the contact lens. Ragini says I know u r Swara so what proof u have. Swara says Kavitha. Kavitha comes there all are shocked to see her alive. Swara says Ragini u told that Bade papa killed her then who is this in front of u. Ragini looks at Kaveri and she leaves silently. Ragini says so what ok this party gets over and sent all guests out. Ragini tries to go but Laksh stops her.
Laksh: where r u going Ragini
Ragini: what don’t u forget that I am the owner.
Swara: who said u r and shows her papers. Ragini takes it and sees.
Swara: I am Ragini Maheswari naming my company, properties on Durga Prasad Maheswari. Ragini in anger tears it.
Laksh: do u think we r fools this is duplicate copy original have been submitted in the court. Now u and ur Dadi should leave this house and throws them out.
Kavitha runs and hugs Sanskar. Sanskar cant believe that his Kavitha is infront of him and hugged him. Sanskar hugs her back but his eyes are on Swara. Swara controlled her tears and smiled. Whole family is shocked to see Swara’s reaction. Kavitha breaks her hug.
Swara: Now its time for me to leave.
Dp: thank u beta because of u only……..
Swara: Bade Papa this is my family so its my duty. She takes blessings from everyone. She hugs Parineeta and Uttara. Kavitha tries to speak but Swara join her hand with Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar u got ur love back I want u both to be happy. Kavitha keeps on looking at Swara and Sanskar. Swara leaves from there. Imaye Imaye song plays.
Kavitha: Sanskar I want to tell u that don’t leave Swara. All are shocked as well as happy.
Sanskar: Kavitha…..
Kavitha: han Sanskar when she told me what and all u did I thought that u still love me but whenever she took ur name I saw something different in her eyes. When I saw u and hugged u I felt different in u also, u were looking at Swara only. Then only I realized that u also love her. Sanskar we will feel true love only in our life God will send our partner in our life she is your partner Sanskar, If a person lost his love means his true love is waiting for him somewhere and u got ur true love Sanskar go to her and live ur life.
Sanskar who cant understand what is happening runs outside to search Swara. AP thanks Kavitha for what she did. Kavitha says Aunty when I saw Sanskar he was not happy but shocked to see Swara and her reaction and I felt that Sanskar is no more hers and he is Swara’s Sanskar so let him go to his love. And leaves from there taking blessings from all.
Precap: Swasan drenched in the rain.

Chapter 8
On the road
Swara walks with her without her sense thinking about Sanskar. Sanskar on the other running here and there finding Swara. Its start raining all people runs to save them. Sanskar looks on helpless. Suddenly he spots Swara walking in the rain far from him. He rushes to her and stop her cycle and he breathes heavily. Swara is shocked to look him in this condition.
Sanskar: I have already asked u do u think u r a great mahaan. You have a bad habit u will do whatever u want without asking anything.
Swara: what happened Sanskar did Kavitha fought with u will explain her nothing happened between us.
Sanskar: Swara Kavitha doesn’t know what will eat, where will I go, where will keep my things , my wallet it is who knows every inch of me. Yes she fought with me that Sanskar go to ur love she will incomplete without u and u also so don’t leave her hand. He holds her and says I love u and I want to live with u every second of my life. Both are drenched under the rain. She drops her cycle and hugged him. He too reciprocate. Rain stops and both separate.
Sanskar: wont u tell those words.
Swara: Sanskar we r divorced so…..
Sanskar: so
Swara: u should win me back and I am not Swara Sanskar Maheswari I am
Sanskar: u r
Swara : that’s not so easy u should try hard and smiles. She took her cycle and leaves.
In Baadi
Swara enters the house smiling. Sumi sees her wet and asked what happened Shona. Swara hugs her and says I got my love back Maa and tells her everything. In MM Sanskar tells all about their decision. Dp says tell us when u both want we will keep ur marriage and all leaves. Sujatha says Oh God what happened to my son he always want a Bengali girl if not Kavitha then Swara what is this. Ram says do u want ur son’s happiness or urs after went through this tough period ur mind doesn’t change and leaves.

Precap: Swara join her music academy.

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