Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 5


Swara says why it bothers you whether I am here or not we are divorced na then what is your problem. Sanskar holds her close and in husky voice says because I love u and I cannot see u in pain. They have eye lock. Humdard hai song plays. Tears fall from both their eyes. Sanskar leaves the place and Swara cries. Sanskar comes to Laksh room and sees him sleeping. Uttara comes to Swara and hugs her. Swara says Uttara I tried hard to conceal it but I cannot do it. Uttara says Bhabhi this is called LOVE u both cannot live without eachother and cannot hide anything from eachother now u go to sleep and I will talk to bhayya. Swara lies down and Uttara goes from there.

In the Garden
Sanskar thinks I want her to be happy but she always fall into a trap which is not for her is she any saint to bear all thinks or maybe whatever she told is true but I cannot see her like this. Uttara comes there.
Uttara: bhayya
Sanskar: Uttara u here
Uttara: I am coming from Bhabhi room
Sanskar: so u r also part of it.
Uttara: Bhayya u only think from ur side I know U love Bhabhi and she broke ur trust all think that’s the only reason u have given her divorce but the truth is u cannot see Bhabhi in pain u want her to go away so that Ragini will not harm her but Bhayya u both cannot be away from eachother.
Sanskar: Uttara…..
Uttara: Bhayya let me talk first, U came here to avenge Laksh for Kavitha’s murder so u harmed Swara but did u notice that each and every time u only harmed and doesn’t let anyone harm her not even Ragini.

Sanskar thinks about the past how he harmed Swara and didn’t let Ragini to do anything with Swara.
Uttara: After u realized ur mistakes u tried to make Swara and Laksh bhayya one but it didn’t happened but u both acted like u were married. Why u both wanted to be like that Swara Bhabhi would have entered llike Ragini’s sister but u both chose some other way but bhayya don’t u feel that u started to smile because of Swara Bhabhi. He thinks about the time they spent in the tent.
Uttara: after ur confession also u both were like friends all believed that u both married because of Ragini but when I saw u both together I thought that its destiny and God’s wish also, even u both stand for each other in many things don’t u feel this small reason is separating u. Whatever u did with Bhabhi is not right she only once doubted u, don’t u feel u r over reacting I know I should not talk this much but I want my family, My Bhayya and Bhabhi should be one always and leaves. Sanskar thinks about Uttara’s words.
In the morning
Ragini as usual commanding all to work. Swara comes there wearing Red top with white skirt. Dadi says Ladoo I think this girl is not Swara I saw her in the house when I called u and enquired na. Ragini says Dadi till Sanskar says I will not accept it. Ragini says Shalini get some lemon water for Laksh. Swara complies and takes water to the room. While going she saw Sanskar finding something and goes inside.
Swara: what are u finding. He turns and see her.
Sanskar: kerchief and wallet.
Swara: kerchief in the second draw and ur wallet is in ur pant pocket and leaves.
Sanskar takes his wallet from the pocket and says she know everything about me and smiles. In
Ragini room Laksh gets up in hangover and sees Swara with lemon water. Laksh says sorry Bhabhi it happened by mistake. Swara says Its ok but don’t do this mistake another time and gives him water. Suddenly they hear Sanskar shouting and same as in the serial. Dp says no one will go out that is final and leaves. Swara, Uttara, Sanskar and Laksh all gather in the terrace. Laksh says Swara u cant even conceal this from Bhai. Uttara says its difficult for them any ways whats next. Swara says Bade Papa was ready to change the papers but when I called him he heard a lady’s voice and from that moment he is doing like this. Laksh says even now also Dadi was talking about secret. Swara says Laksh I want some bill related to the party then we will think what to do next. Sanskar signs Uttara and she says some silly reasons and leaves from there with Laksh. Swara says Sanskar I am going to home plz take care of them for 1 hour and turns but Sanskar holds her.
Sanskar: sorry Swara for whatever I did with u I was angry that how would u doubt me but Uttara explained me whatever I did with u is unforgiveable but u…
Swara: No Sanskar its my fault only that whomever I love they are meant to be away from me I think this my fate I have to be alone even if my loved one is nearer to me and goes from there. Humdard hai song plays.

Precap: Swara finds the lady in the market and Swara smears Ragini face black.

Credit to: Rini

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