Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 4


In the Guest Room
Sanskar sees her neck and maang empty and her eyes is changed. He says so u r Shalini right. Swara nods. He gives her way and she walks past him but he holds her hand tightly. Swara wides her eyes. She remembers the same incident. Sanskar came towards her and her back is in front of him. She closes her eyes. Sanskar sees all this through mirror. He tightens his grip and says only Swara can bear my touch other than her no one can bear not even Uttara so this shows u r Swara. Laksh comes and knocks the door. Laksh says Shalini Ragini is calling u. Swara says sir leave my hand I have to go. Sanskar says first u should accept that u r Swara. Swara says I am Shalini even if u ask 1000 times this is my answer and jerks his hand. She comes out and wipes her tears. She thinks God plz don’t make me feel weak before Sanskar till how many days I have to do this and leaves to see Ragini. Ragini and Dadi taking beauty treatment. Ragini ask Sujatha to serve the girls. Sujatha hesitates and sees Shalini bringing juice. Ragini says great u r so quick than I think. Swara (Shalini) says Mam its my duty to serve u. Ragini sees Laksh coming in drunkard state and scolds Ragini to the core. Swara thinks this Laksh will flop my plans God plz do something. Ragini orders AP to get him out of her room. Ragini ask Swara to go to ur room. And she leaves.

In the room
Sanskar who does not move from the room sees Swara coming and hides in the rest room. Swara comes and checks whether he is here or not. Sanskar opens the door halfway and sees Swara removing her contact lens and rubs the eyes. Sanskar comes in front of her. Swara after rubbing her eyes slowly opens her eyes and sees Sanskar in front of her and turns. Swara thinks God y u always testing me or u want me to tell my plan to him. Sanskar says so Miss. Shalini what does this means. Swara while turning drops her clutch from table. Sanskar sees manalsutar and sindoor in the clutch. She takes it in instant and keeps it aside.

In Ragini room
Ragini says Dadi I am hungry. Dadi says me too ladoo don’t know what they add from that time my stomach is aching. Ragini says I will go bring food for us. Ragini comes out and sees Swara room is lighted. Ragini says what is this girl doing and goes towards the room. Uttara sees her and makes some sound to distract her. Ragini says first I should go to kitchen and leaves. Uttara comes to the guest room and sees Swasan in the hug position. She smiles and leaves.

Before 5 minutes
Sanskar grabs her clutch and says even now also u r going to say that u r Shalini. Swara cant able to hide started to cry. Sanskar grabs her shoulder and says Swara y u came here I gave u divorce and gave freedom. Swara says I came here for u Sanskar I love u and hugs him. He gets shocked.

Sanskar says I wont believe u. Swara breaks the hug and says I know u wont believe it but what u heard is the truth that I love u and I have seen it in ur eyes. Sanskar says u plz go out this house. Swara says y it bothers u whether I am here or not we are divorced na then what is ur problem. Sanskar holds her and in husky voice says because I love u and I cannot see u in pain. They have eye lock.

Precap: Swara smears Ragini face black.

Credit to: Rini

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