Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 3


Uttara ask Bhabhi how did u got those certificates. Swara says I have asked Laksh to get those fake documents and Ragini is suspicious about me she will do something to know about me. In the room Dadi says how could anyone be like Swara. Ragini says Dadi Its Shona only but we have to test her to know it and I have done it already. Sanskar comes to house and ask about Ragini. Sujatha says she is in the kitchen and he goes. Swara is cutting onions and the oil is over heated. Sanskar who came there sees this and turned off the gas.
Sanskar: Excuse me where is ur mind is. Swara hearing his voice tears roll down her eyes she wipes it and turns towards him. Sanskar is shocked. Swara says sorry sir I was cutting veggies so I did not see it and walks past him. Sanskar grabs her shoulder.
Sanskar: what is this new drama Swara.
Swara: Sir ur misunderstanding me I am Shalini Prasad I came here for NGO work. Swara sees Ragini and Dadi seeing them.
Sanskar: do u think u can bluff me
Swara: Sir leave me it hurts. I am Shalini not Swara do u have any doubt ask Ragini madam.
Sanskar: OK I will make u confess that u r Swara. And he leaves.
In the hall Ragini ask Sanskar did u see Shalini she is like Swara. Sanskar ask about her details and she gives it. He leaves from there. Ragini says now my work is so easy.

In the Baadi
Dadi comes and ask about Swara to Sumi. Sumi says she is in the room only and Dadi goes towards the door. Dadi opens the door and sees Swara staring at her marriage photos. Swara says Dadi what r u doing here. Dadi says nothing I came here to see u. Swara says u and Ragini took my life then y r u acting. Dadi leaves and calls Ragini.
Dadi: Ladoo is Shalini is there.
Ragini: Yes Dadi she in front of me only. Dadi leaves the house. Laksh comes out of store room and says thank God I fixed the camera else our plan will be flopped (it’s the same scene from the movie Kick). In the office Sanskar gives the files the lawyer and ask him to find out about this girl and if the documents are really. Lawyer complies and leaves. Sanskar says I will know whether u r Swara r not.

In the night
All comes down for dinner. Ragini sits on the chair and ask Annapurna to serve her. Annapurna serves Ragini and Dadi. After some bites Dadi and Ragini runs from the table. Swara, Laksh and Uttara laughs. Swara serves them another food. They all eat and says its like Swara’s hand made food that time Sanskar enters and hears it. He sees Swara going towards guest room. He follows her and closes the door. Swara turns and says God plz don’t make me weak in front of Sanskar. Sanskar says I know u r praying to God so plz stop ur acting and go out. Swara doesn’t speak. Sanskar says I am speaking to u only. Swara says sir I have already told u I am not the one whom u think so how could I reply u. Sanskar sees her forehead and neck is empty. He says so u r Shalini right. Swara nods. He gives her way and she walks past him but he holds her hand. Swara wides her eyes. Sanskar comes towards her and her back is infront of him. She closes her eyes. Sanskar sees all this through mirror. He says only Swara can bear my touch other than her no one can bear even Uttara so this shows u r Swara. Laksh comes and knocks the door.

Credit to: Rini

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