Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 16


So Hello everyone in one or two episode I will finish this ff I hope it not bored u and without any talks lets go in to the story.

The episode starts with Sanslak coming to their room through pipe and Laksh sees Sanskar sad. What happened Bhai he asked. Lucky its all because of u who asked u to open my bar cupboard asked Sanskar. Bhai wo Ragini drank Rum thinking cola and I couldnt control her and in irritation I drank and we didnt know how much we drank says Laksh looking down. Only vodka is left and you know Swara diesnt like whoever drinks and on that day of my confession you were with Ragini but Swara…..God only knows how much I tried to convince her says Sanskar. Did she saw all the bottles asked Laksh innocently. Yes not only that now madam is in the peak of her anger If I go infront of her thats it says Sanskar. Uttara came inside and says Bhai Bade Papa asked to inform u. What Sanskar asked. Due to some reason ur marriage is today and in half hour engagement afternoon mehendi and evening shaadi says Uttara. Sanskar face lits up and he looks at Laksh. No Bhai I wont says Laksh but Sanskar drags him out.

Outside Baadi…..
Sanslak are waiting for Ragini. Is it necessary to call her asked Laksh who is facing the bannet of the car. Yes Lucky and here she comes says Sanskar. Laksh turns and saw Ragini who is wearing golden lehenga with magenta pink dupatta talking to lady and comes towards them. Haan Sanskar why did u called me she asked. Sanskar jerks Laksh who was in his own world. Oh…..that….. Ragini…..Shaadi …….me ……you ……Bhai…… Swara stammers Laksh while Ragini looks at him confusedly. Laksh looks at Sanskar who is giving dead glare to him and he gulped. Arre Sanskar what tell me freely said Ragini. Sanskar tells her Ragini I think Swara told u what happened yesterday. Ragini replies Haan Sanskar Swara told me and she was crying all the way now only she is feeling better. What y did she cried asked Laksh. Vo Laksh Swara has mind set that when a person drinks means he was defeated by his loved ones and she told me once that when her husband drinks means the whole fault will be hers only and u remember Sanskar that you confessed ur feelings na that time she didnt love but now she loves u like anything so all the home she crusing herself only. Sanslak are shocked to see her perception. Oh God If I known this I would have burnt it Now what will I do said Sanskar pacing. Raglak looked at eachother. Bhai I have a plan she will be staying in our only as Uttara told na after engagement me and Ragini will bring her terrace and u should do says Laksh. Haan Laksh its a good idea Sanskar plz its a nice chance says Ragini. Sanskar nods and they leave.

In MM……
The house is decorated beautifully Decorated with beautiful flowers for the engagement of the favorite of their son and daughter thats our Swara and Sanskar. The GF arrives MM all are happy to welcome Ragini as they can see her pious heart. Swaragini took blessing from the elders. Ragini u r not even dressed asked Ap. Maa I have to do work after all its my Swara’s wedding na so after work I will dress up says Ragini. All looks at Swara who is smiling but it doesnt reach her eyes. Sujata and Ap sees this and decide something. The GF settles and Ap, Sujata speaks to eachother. Jiji Swara is looking dull see she is smiling but her eyes are filled with tears says Sujata. Haan I think Sanskar only can tell us come we will ask him says Ap and they goes to his room.

In Sanskar room….
Sanskar is getting with a big smile on his face while Laksh is pacing here and there. Ragini enters and says Sanskar all is ok but before engagement plz convince her. Cool Ragini I know Swara will not be angry on me for long time says Sanskar. That time Ap and Sujata enters shocking the trio. So Chora what you did that my bahu is sad askes Sujata. Sanskar looks at Laksh while he turns to otherside and Ragini tries to escape but Ap catch her. Laksh if u dont tell us then I will the secret to Ragini which No one knows I think u dont care about ur Papa but…. says Ap. Laksh looks terrified while Ragini narrows her brows. Laksh shouts No Maa and spills the bean. Sanskar gives a dead glare to Laksh while he looks down. Sujata looks at Sanskar angrily. Chora this is the value I gave u shouts She shouts while Ap calms her. Jiji didnt u see Swara who see looks its not her and here see him getting ready like a girl says Sujata. Laksh giggles. Mom Badi Maa I know I did wrong I thought Swara will not think like this says Sanskar. Ap calmly says Sanskar its not about Swara’s thinking its about ur wife’s concern every girl before marriage doesnt think about the habits of the person she loves but a wife will think because she is coming to a new house new relation only based on the trust she have on you her whole life will be dependent on u so Swara feels that she failed somewhere as a wife and not as ur love so u also have to think as her husband and not as her love. Sanskar understands what is Swara’s feelings and says Sorry Badi Maa Mom I will convince her anyhow plz forgive me. Chora before engagement I have to see old Swara or else I will throw u out of the house and keeps Swara with me says Sujata and leaves with Ap. Ragini fast send Swara to terrace says Sanskar and leaves. Raglak goes down and made some silly excuse and sent Swara to terrace. Raglak gives hifi to eachother and smiles. Ragini remembers Ap words. Laksh Maa was telling some secret u hid from all what was that she asked. Laksh thinks Bhagwan why did u give her sharp memory power if she gets to know about it she will tease me like hell. Nothing like that says Laksh. But ur face tell me something is fishy no problem I will ask Maa says Ragini and leaves from there to meet Ap. While Laksh looks terrified.

Precap: Sanskar ask forgiveness from Swara. Mehendi and Raglak moments.

Credit to: Rini

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