Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 15


Then episode starts with Swasan are inch apart to kiss. Finally their lips meet. She closed her eyes and clutched his tshirt and his one hand caressing her hair and another one is holding her waist. They release and Swara is looking down . Suddenly they hear loud noise. Swara made her presentable and went down with Sanskar. They enter the kitchen and saw it in horrible. The flour is spreaded on the ground and milk is flowing on the stove and most of all Raglak are in fighting throwing things on eachother. Swasan went and separate them. Guys what happened why u r fighting asked Sanskar. Ragini says ask ur brother idiot dont have anything. Laksh says Hey you its ur fault if u dont know anything means u have to keep quiet. Raglak are speaking funnily. Rahul came their and saw the alcohol bottle is empty. Oh no sir they drank whisky I think says Rahul. What from where this alcohol came from asked Swara and looked at Sanskar. Meanwhile Raglak are fighting with each other. Hey u monkey eat banana if u r hungry why r u eat my brain asked Ragini. Me monkey then broom stick look at u r looking like u will break down he said and laughed. On the otherside Swara is scolding Sanskar. You drink alcohol how could u Sanskar. Swara listen to me its not mine he said. But as usual Rahul inferred. Sir they drank all ur collection only vodka is left he said. Swara opened and saw the cupboard full of all type of drinks and looks at him. Sanskar give death glare to Rahul and he went. Swara ignored him and went to see Raglak and saw them missing. Oh no If Dadi get to know it I am finished its my fault Swara crused herself. Swara plz I think they will be in our room only said Sanskar. And she left to see them.

In Sanskar room….
Laksh brought Ragini who is crying like a baby. Broom stick dont cry see I will give u chocolate Laksh said. Ragini cried but falls on the bed and faints. Laksh gone to her side and saw her smiling. He looks at her like a statue and caress her face lovingly. Why lie by her side and speaks why u left me If I tell u anything in anger wont u protest u always does what u want look at u how cute u r I feel like eaing u. He kissed her cheek and took her in his embrace and slept. Swasan came and saw them sleeping peacefully.
Swara smiles went from there before Sanskar speaks to her. Sanskar look at her she is in the peak of bursting its not my fault who asked her come here let me see how much time she will be like this he said and left.

In the morning….
Ragini got up and saw Laksh sleeping hugging her. She jerks him and Laksh got up and saw their position. Both went to two corners and looks at eachother. They hold their head and sat down. Swara came and gave them juice. Now u both of u drink this and Ragini lets leave its already late said Swara. Ragini drank while Laksh look at her. Swara sorry I dont know what happened said Ragini holding her ears. No Ragini its good only because of u I came to know about someone more she said and looks at Sanskar who is standing near the door. Raglak looks at them and before they ask Swara dragged Ragini from there.

Precap: Raglak finds about Swasan fight and Laksh fills Ragini maang.

Credit to: Rini

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