Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 14


The episode starts with Swara asking Ragini can you take me to Sanskar house. Ragini says Swara r u mad at this time. Swara puts plz plz. Ragini finally agrees. They go through the back door of the house. In MM Sanskar feels something and goes to Laksh room and sees him looking at something. Laksh said Sanskar and Laksh hides the thing. Han Bhai you at this time asked Laksh. Nothing I think something is not right can you come with me asked Sanskar. Ok lets go said Laksh. And they both left MM. Sanslak reached Baadi. Bhai its not safe you come with me said Laksh and dragged Sanskar to Dida house and they reach a terrace. Lucky why we came here asked Sanskar. Bhai I know u want to meet Swara but its not safe to reach there so we can go to there room through Dida terrace said Laksh. How u know it asked Sanskar. I used to meet Ragini like this said Laksh and he remembers their meetings. And they both reach Swaragini room and saw its empty. Where are these girls asked Sanskar. Bhai call them suggested Laksh.
In Sanskar house…..
Swaragini reach Sanskar house. One servant came and saw Swara. Madam finally you came here I am so happy exclaimed the servant. Bhai we came here to see the house dont tell to Sanskar said Ragini. But another servant saw them and called Sanskar.
In Baadi ……
Sanskar gets the servant call. Haan Rahul tell me u called this time asked Sanskar. Sir Madam came here with Ragini mam said Rahul. What shouted Sanskar. And Laksh closed his mouth. Sanskar sign him and he removes. Rahul close that room now itself I will come there do it fast said Sanskar and cuts the call. Lucky big problem come with me said Sanskar and dragged Laksh.
In Sanskar house Ragini takes Swara to Sanskar room and turns on the switch. Swaara is frozed to see the room its exactly like their room in Baadi and in the centre its her childhood photo. On a table there are so many things of her like her bag, pen, bangles,etc. Sanslak reached there and saw the room locked. Thank God she didnt saw this relaxed Sanskar. Rahul came and said sir Mam is inside only u were speaking Mam entered it. Sanskar hits his head and calls Ragini. Ragini saw his call and walks little far from her. Ragini I am outside only u come out and I will enter said Sanskar. Ragini does the same now Swasan in the room.
Swara is touching the things slowly. She feels Sanskar behind her before she turns Sanskar hugs her from back.
Sanskar: Very bad u spolied my whole surprise. Swara doesnt reply. He feels water drops on his hand. HE turns her and saw her crying.
Sanskar: Swara why are u crying. But she doesnt say.
Sanskar: Swara. She hugs him.
Swara: why u did this why u love me this much what have I done to u.
Sanskar: Ssshhh……… Swara what question is this u have only showed me what is life you are the one who made me a human again.
Swara: How could u love me this much.
Sanskar: I dont love you I love my life because its you. Swara kissed his cheek.
Sanskar smiles and she turns what she did.
Sanskar: Oh Swara I didnt know u r naughty.
Swara: Sanskar Its late I will go but he holds her hand.
Sanskar: where are u going spoiling my surprise.
Swara: leave me Sanskar. He twirls her.
Sanskar: No what will u do. He leans towards her. They are inch apart and screen freezes.

Precap: Kavya enters……in whose life Raglak or Swasan.

Credit to: Rini

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