Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 13


The episode starts with Garodia family is shocked to see Ragini and Dadi. Swara sees Sanskar and he assures her through his eyes. Shekar ji I wanted to talk about this only whatever happened is happened we cant change it Ragini is this house daughter so we want Swara and Sanskar marriage to be done in the presence of whole family says Dp. Swara walks towards Ragini. Ragini doesnt see her eyes. Swara slaps her. All are shocked. Swara…says Sanskar but Swara stops him. Not today Sanskar I wanted see the Ragini who fighted with me she is not one see she is not even looking at me is she Ragini or did u bring anyone says Swara.

Swara I am sorry cries Ragini and Swara hugs her Swaragini plays…… Arre Maarwalan come inside else these sisters will bring fllod in this house says Dida. All laughs hearing it. Sumi brings Ragini and Dadi inside. Ragini hugs Shekar Dada. All had some family time. Swara goes towards Sanskar and says Thank You Sanskar I wanted this only my family should be one like this always. Sanskar holds her hand and says I told you na all things will be set.
Ok all set what about the marriage asked Laksh and winks at Swasan. Haan Sanskar I wanted to ask how you managed Shona I cant handle her said Dida while all laughed. Dida this is too much said Swara. Dida it need patience to handle her which I naturally got by Gods grace says Sanskar and smirks at Swara. You are right that y I call you ladla said Dida and caress his cheek. Kaka sa I think we should get Swara and Sanskar married says Ap. And I want to take my Swara chori to my house soon says Sujatha. Swasan look at eachother. And the elders decides the date. Ap gives shagun to Swara and both Swasan took blessings from everyone. Ragini sees this and smiles happily. Laksh and Uttara talk something and signs Sanskar.. Sanskar without atention took Swara from there while Ragini sees this smiles.
In a corner…

So miss Swara Bose ready to become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari asked Sanskar. I hate you Sanskar because of you I was embrassed by Dida says Swara with pout. What I did BTW I wanted to ask why are you wearing 3/4th dress asked Swara. Hummm asking me ur hand marks on both of my arms and Maa saw it and asked me so many questions says Swara and hits him. Oh u r asking me what about you ur nail marks are on my neck Lucky and Uttara caught me they only told Bade Papa to begin the marriage preparation said Sanskar. Sanskar it looks like a dream to me I fear if something happens… says Swara. Sshhhh Swara dont think much I am here nothing will happen says Sanskar and hugs her. Vaise I want to show something which I have only had says Sanskar and shows her a photo childhood Swara riding in the park. Sanskar this photo I thought I missed it says Swara. Because I have only took it says Sanskar and goes to flashback when Sanskar entered Baadi as mental and he saw Swara picture and then Laksh and Swara entered. Without their knowledge he took that photo flashback ends. So mean I didnt even noticed it if this is it or more u were following me since when tell me asked Swara. Since u won Ragini in the musical competition I saw u playin ur guitar with children and running inside ur school. ( yes guys In my story our Sanskar follows Swara from the very first episode ). Since then I know everything about you I am the one who made escape u from Lucky kidnap by the police sound says Sanskar. Swara hugs tight and cries.Sanskar since the time u came you were the solution for my every problem why I didnt saw u first before Laksh I would have married u right then says Swara. Oh I know I am handsome that u would marry right then teases Sanskar. Bhai if ur romance is more means we have to leave u can meet bhabhi tomorrow says Laksh and Uttara. Yes coming u both go says Sanskar. Swara holds hand and says promise me Sanskar u will not leave hand in any situation. Sanskar kissed her forehead and says U R MINE ONLY SWARA NOONE HAS RIGHT ON U EXCEPT ME AND ALWAYS BE MINE BECAUSE I HOLD YOU IN MY HEART FOREVER and bids her bye.

In the room…
Swara and Ragini arranged their room and rest on the bed. Swara says Ragini. Haan Ragini says Swara. I think Swara Sanskar knows you before we met him says Ragini. How do u know Ragini asked Swara shockingly. Swara because when me and Dadi came out Sanskar took us to his house till now we lived there only said Ragini. She further says Sanskar promised me that u itself call me then he will bring us infront of all. What Sanskar house asked Swara. Ragini says Haan u know onething I saw so manythings of ur s like ur childhood photos ur guitar which u used in our school , ur payal. Payal which that u gave me asked Swara and Ragini nodes. And u know Swara in his house I saw ur big size photo in his bedroom I think he loves u before itself says Ragini. Haan Ragini and Swara tells what Sanskar told how he met her first time the lake scene everything. Oh thats why all gave respect to me now u r lucky Swara u got ur true love says Ragini and hugs Swara. Ragini I want to see his house says Swara. Ragini looks at her.

Precap: what will happen will Ragini get Swara to Sanskar house? If so will Sanskar come to know it? To know wait till next episode.

Credit to: Rini

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