Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 10

Sorry Guys I really didnt get any idea for this ff and if u cant understand this FF go to search and get it.
Chapter 10
Sanskar says this girl is driving me crazy and goes to his office. Swara is in her music class thinking about Sanskar and plays her guitar. She gets a message from Sanskar.
Sanskar: Stop thinking about me else how will I work Shona. Swara gets shocked and thinks how did he got to know and replys.
Swara: who r u
Sanskar: don’t u know me Shona
Swara: ummmm Karthick no Sundar….no Jaggu…. no
Sanskar: hey wait how many bf u have.
Swara: First tell me who u r

Sanskar: Ok I am Sanskar the morning hero.
Swara: Oh u think of urself hero its to bad yaar
Sanskar: y Shona
Swara: No Ithought of SRK he will die hearing this
Sanskar: No reply
Swara: r u there hello.
Sanskar : no reply.

After one hour.
Sanskar calls her and she took the call.
Swara: hello Mr. Romeo what happened no reply.
Sanskar: Wo meri Wife love music so I came to music academey .
Swara looks outside and saw Sanskar waiting.
Swara: Oye Mr.Romeo go to your house or else ur wife will beat u for flirting.
Sanskar: What can I do when I see super hot girl with her beautiful hairs playing on her cheeks.
Swara : Sanskar plz go from here.
Sanskar: then tonight outside Baadi.
Swara: no never I will not come.
Sanskar: U know what can I do
Swara: no never Good bye and cuts the call.

In the night
Swara is in her room thinking about todays incident. This guy is seriously mad I hope he don’t do anything said Swara. I did it Shona said Sanskar who is standing in the balcony. Swaraopens her mouth wide open. Sanskar are u mad if anyone saw u and Swara pulls him inside. I told u to come outside but I think u underestimated me Shona said Sanskar and pulls her towards him. Sanskar
leave me Dadi will come here anytime she said. From when did u started follow ur Dadi’s words he asked. Sanskar plz leave from here she said. Then come with me right now hesaid. Swara helplessly nodes and the both leave Baadi.

In Lake View
Sanskar bring Swara to Lake view and opens her eyes. Its a beautiful view with moon reflecting in the water. Swara eyes the view and looks at Sanskar. Shona this is the first place where I saw u he said. What ? she asked. Yes when for the first time I enter Kolkata I saw u here playing with kids I don’t know that time I forgot all the pain I had in my heart and watched ur innocent face He said. Sanskar u didn’t told me that u r the one who scolded the wind for disturbing me she said. How did u know it He aked. Because I heared ur complain to this tree u know what I didn’t saw u but I smiled at ur way u scolded the tree. And imitates him Hey Neem tree don’t u control ur oxygen for few hours see she got hurt because of u and laughs. Shona because I saw a pain in ur eyes and can I tell u one thing u can fool everyone with ur face but not with ur eyes and caught to know it that day U wanted to hide ur pain na and u played with children he said and both sat near the tree holding each other. U know Sanskar I thought we first met in MM only when I saw u I cant believe my eyes but u were cute in that kurta she said and pulled his cheeks. Oh Madam what about u, u wearing a jumpsuit and ur hairstyle like a nest he said. How mean Sanskar and pushed him into the lake and both fall into the lake.

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