Swaragini a new Dimension Chapter 1


Hi guys Its Rini while I was thinking about my story I suddenly got this idea. Already we are angry on current Swara who is so dump and not using brain so for those fans I am writing this ff Swaragini a new dimension. So lets with yesterday episode

Swara ask Durga Prasad y did u do this with me. Durga Prasad says Swara its good u should leave this house. Swara says but I love Sanskar. Ragini telling Dadi now Swara will not be a hindrance in our mission. She packs her bag and brings it down. Swara also comes down. Ragini says Swara now its ur time to leave this house. Sanskar who is standing thinks Swara I love u but u should go out so that Ragini doesn’t hurt to u and I don’t have that strength. Swara takes blessing from everyone and starts to leave. All are crying to send Swara like this. Swara thinks just once Sanskar plz just once ask me to stop. She reaches the door and turns to see everyone and atlast see Sanskar with tear eyes. He closes his eyes that he cant see her crying goes to his room. Swara hires a cab and cries remembering their moments and in Sanskar room he also cries remembering her.

In the Baadi
Sumi sees Swara entering with her luggage and ask what happened Swara. Swara hugs her and cries telling I have again failed in my love Maa I lost my Sanskar maa and tells her everything. Sumi says Shona u r brave girl na u should break down like this from ur face I can see u didn’t had food come and eat dinner. Swara says No maa I want to be alone and goes to her room and cries all the night.

In the morning
Sumi comes to her room and knocks the door. She says Shona open the door No response. Sumi keeps on knocking but there is no move. Sumi says hey bhawan what happened to her Shekar is also not here what will I do and calls Sanskar. Sanskar who is getting ready gets Sumi call. Sanskar says Ji Maa how are u. Sumi says Beta Swara is not opening the door from yesterday is inside the room only I tried from past one hour she is not responding Shekar is also not here. Sansakr says Maa I come there and cuts the call. Ragini comes to him and ask where are u going Sanskar. Sanskar says its non of ur business Ok. Ragini says but I am worried for u. Laksh comes there and says first u should worry about u and says bhai u go I will see her. Sanskar goes from there.

In the Baadi
Sanskar comes to Swara room and sees Sumi knocking the door. Sanskar says Maa I will try. Sanskar says Swara open the door but bang it but then also no response. Sanskar broke the door and sees Swara lieing unconscious on the floor. Sumi also sees her and tries to wake her. Sanskar carry her to his car and goes to hospital with Sumi.

In the hospital
Dr checks her and says She is weak and didn’t had food that’s y she fainted in 10 minutes she will be normal and leaves. Sanskar ask Sumi didn’t she had food yesterday. Sumi says she didn’t had and said she want to be alone. Nurse comes and say patient got conscious. Sumi ask Sanskar to go and see her and complies. He goes inside and sees Swara siting. Sanskar starts to scold her.
Sanskar: what do u think of urself if u do like this I will forgive u.
Swara (left her cool): Mr. Sanskar its my wish I will eat or die y does it matter to u. U said its all over between us and ur heart is not toy then mine also not. If I am not saying anything means u should not assume I am weak. I am tired of explaining u Sanskar I love u and I love u forever but now I just doesn’t want u to make me weak Plz u go from here. Sanskar is shocked by her words he bangs the wall and leaves.

Sumi who heard all this says Shona he still loves if not he would have came here I saw his concern when he saw u like that. Swara says Maa I know he loves me but I decided one thing till I stop Ragini from destroying my family I am not Swara Sanskar Maheswari from now on I am Swara Bose and removes her mangalsutar. Sumi tries to stop her but she says Maa I have faith one day Sansakr will accept my love and I will bring all things back till then I wont wear this and she wipes the sindoor. Freezes on Swara and Sumi crying face.

Precap: Swara in her old avatar and rides her cycle.

Credit to: Rini

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  7. Superbbbbbbb. I loved laksh reply when ragini stopped sanskar. But rini I feel like always swara should try to stop ragini as well as try to make marriage life better. Fyt btwn swasan is also bcoz she never paid him attention nd tuk him 4 granted. Sanskar thought swara came MM only 4 ragini now again in ur ff u r shwing d same. I wish swara to give priority to both. It should not be like Sanskar will b always ter so she ll handle him later. Sorry if i have hurted u.

    1. Yes Tara u r right but for ur question u will get ur answer in few episodes

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