Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 9)


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sanlak’s residence:

sanlak comes to the puja altar. annapurna, parineetha, sulekha, uthara all sees them. annapurna gave prasadh to all the members.
after then, they all goes to their respective rooms. while sanlak starts to walk, the maheshwari girls called them to wait. parineetha, sulekha and uthara round up sanlak. sanlak looks on.
annapurna puts the puja plate in front of god’s statue. annapurna came toward sanlak. the thre girls who round up sanlak broke their circle and stand beside annapurna.
“why you all looking at us like this?” sanskar asked.
“shhhh. keep quiet!” the girl said chorus.

sanskar kept quiet. while, the girls around them again.
“who called you both while ago?” parineetha asked them.
“you are the one , guys who called ud to wait.” sanlak said and high fived them because they said the same.
“ha ha ha. so funny, bro. we asked you both thay who called you from you mobiles.” uthara said.
” that….” sanlak starts to blabber.
“swara and ragini right.” sulekha said.

sanlak gets shocked and asked who told you. annapurna said that someone told me. sanlak looks at the girls and said yes. sanlak looks down, sadly. the girls laughed. sanlak looks on.
“we know that you both are in love with swara-ragini. we think we should ask you both about it. and today we asked.” parineetha said, smiling.
sanlak smiled because what to say to them. the words didn’t came. they looked. annapurna asked them about their behaviour, past story. laksh said to them about their sister relationship story to them. annapurna said to sanlak that when swaragini solved their problem once, we will talk to the maheshwari men about your boths marriage. sanlak smiled shyly and gets into their room.

swaragini’s rooms:

swaragini talked and swara said that change your room to dadi’s room to ragini. ragini looks worried and asked that shekar will gets dought.
“oh, yes-ah…” swara start to think while ragini looks on.
“idea! ragini, you just move your things to dadi’s room. when papa asked about that, you just be cool and say that your room is so hot or you broke your bathroom tub and say that to papa. then he will allow you to shift.” swara said.
“good idea, swara. now i will start clean this room.” ragini starts to clean the room.
after two hour, ragini finished cleaning. she gets outside of the room and start to move her things to dadi’s room. the moving sounds distubs shekar. he comes outside and looks.
“what are you doing ragini?” shekar looks on.

“papa, my room is so hot. so, i will shifing to dadi room.
shekar thinks. ragini looks at him. the place is so silent to ragini. atlast, shekar accepted. ragini smiled and starts to shifting. shekar goes to take bath.
after moving her things, ragini sat on bedside.

swara looks at her. she gets a message from sharmishstha. swara reads it
“oh no..!” swara said and ragini asked why.
swara said that mom will be late today, so i want to buy some food.
“you don’t know how to cook?” ragini asked.

“yes.” swara said openly and ragini gets thinking.
“i will bring you food. you didn’t eat that food that me and shekar do. now you have eat.” ragini said.
“but how you gave it to me?” swara looks on.
“i will handle it. you don’t worry.” ragini said and swata says okey.
at night, ragini and shekat ate the food. shekar watched TV then. ragini starys to wash dishes and packed some food for swara. she looked at shekar. he still watched TV.
ragini put that packed food in the kitchen. she goes to her room.

on the other side, swara looked hungry. swara starts to seached the fridge for some snacks and she gets an apple. she starts eating it and walked to her room.

when swara sees ragini, swara asked for food. ragini says to have patient because papa is still watching TV. swara ate the apple. after a while, the hall is silent. ragini looks outside and starts to walk to kitchen. she takes the packed food and comes upside.

ragini put that food aside and throw a rope to swara. swara catches it. ragini connect the food to the rope and pushed it. swara took that food. she says to ragini that this is a good idea. swara ate the food and says it super. after eating, they go to their respective bed to sleep and they sleeped well.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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