Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 8)


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Swaragini residence:

“sorry” ragini awkwardly said.
swara pretends to be angry and asked that what the hell you are doing with me. ragini didn’t utter a word. she didn’t want fight.
“sorry, swara. i didn’t do it with any purpose…” she says.
“stop. then what?” swara stopped her while speaking.
ragini looked at swara then down.when ragini downs het head swara smiled. then swara pretend to be angry again.
“i..i…i want to speak that my parents….no..no..no. i mean our parents…” ragini blabber with her words.
“stop. just stop it. why you are blabbering? csn u say it straight?” swara said.
ragini sighed deeply.
“i mean that our parents…” ragini startled.
“were married. and we are their twin daughters” swara fished the line.
ragini looked surprise. swara looked at her very emitionally.
“that means you know already? but how do you know?” ragini confused.
swara smiled at her. ragini looked at her.
“you said this to laksh, na?” swara says.
“yes.” ragini said.
“laksh said to sanskar and he said this to me.” swara said
“owh,” ragini laughed reminiscing laksh.

Sanlak’s residence:

parineetha, annapurna and sulekha do the puja. sanlak and adharsh prays to god. suddenly a phone call came to laksh. all the members turned and looks at him. laksh was ember added. he goes from there.
after few seconds, sanskar also gets a phone call. all the members turned and glared again. sanskar realized their situation asnd he goes from there. sanlak stand in the corridor. when they see each other they asked each other who is the one called. they said to each that swara – ragini calling.
“ok..ok..ok” they both said and picked the call.


“sanskar i surprised ragini.” swara excited.
sanskar didn’t understand and asked what.
“i mean that you said that shekar – sharmishtha were parents of us, right?” swara answered him.
“yes.” sanskar said.
“while ragini says that to me. i said i already know that.” swara said.
“owh ok. but can u stop the matter and came to our matter.” sanskar romantically said.
swara realized that what he is speaking and pretend to be that she didn’t know.
“what is our matter, sanskar?” swara asked and laughed at herself.
“owh ok, bye swara.” sanskar said intentionally.
“sanskar..sanskar. i know what are you saying.” swara says.
“i’m also said bye to you intentionally, swara.” sanskar said
they both laughed at each other. they hear their laughing sound. sanskar saus that your smile is so cute.
“yours too.” swara shyed.
they speak in their romantic voices. they fell in live with their romantic voices.


“hi, ragini” kaksh said romantically.
“laksh. laksh. laksh.” ragini said like in a terror situation.
laksh broke his romantic mood. he askef ragini scaredly that what the problem
“thank you , laksh for your help.”
laskshya gets confused. he didn’ underdstand what she is saying.
“wait a second. be patient ragini. what you are saying? why saying thanks to me?” lakshya said.
“oops, sorry. i mean you said to sanskar that shekar – sharmishtha were heusbad and wife, right?” ragini asked.
laksh said yes.
ragini said that it came easier to me to say that matter to swara.
“thank you laksh” ragini kissed on the phone.
laksh fee her love to him.
“you are so cute, ragini” laksh say and smiled romantically.
swasan and raglak talk with each other, romantially. they didn’t realize that they speiking unlimited time. sanlak’s mother calls out for their sons. they hangouts their phones. sanlak goes to puja altar, smiling shyly.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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