Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 7)


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swara’ residence :

swara opened the album. she sees shekar – shrmishtha wedding pics and their childhood pics. she cried looking at the pic. but, swara didn’t’ realize. her tears drops on the album. she then realized that she is crying.
swara wiped her tears and on the album. she tries to control emotion. but, she can’t. she cried out loudly hugging the album.
after a while, she stopped crying. swara gets up from the floor. she took the album in her hands. she opened the door of store room.swara looked at the hall and then she gets out. she locked the room and put that key in sharmishtha’s room.
swara walked to upstairs to her room. she gets inside of her room and locked. she sighed. swara put that album in her bed and she sat in her favourite chair and put hands on her head. swara put her hair back. she tinks about how to speak to swara. something she remembers.
Swara stared at the window of her room. she gets up from the chair. she goes neat at the window. she opened it.
a cool breeze touched her. swara turned her head aside. when the breeze slowed itself, she turned her head straight. she looked at ragini’s house. she looked at the window opposite to her room in ragini’s house.
“but how to talk to ragini? it’s our dadi’s room.” she gets confused.
swara prays to god thay ragini have to coe to this room ad reminisces her dadi in the room while they are in childhood. swara goes to her bed to see the album pics again.

ragini’s residence :

ragini came out from the bathroom after taking bath. she all freshen up. ragini inhaled the fresh air that came from outside.
she dried her hair with hair dryer machine. after drying her hair, ragini sat at a chair towards her make up mirror. she combed her hair and clipped a pin in her hair. she dotted a black colour bindi in her forehead. she gets from the chair walks toward the stairs.
she came to the hall and looked at shekar’s room. ragini sees shekar sleeping and closed the door of shekar’s room. she go to the dining table. she sat in chair and took dishes to put in her mug to eat.
after she ate, she goes to wash her hand. she then comes to the main door. ragini opened it and searched swara’s scooty. she finds swara’s scooty and looked at the top to stare at swara’s room. she sees swara’s room window opened. ragini realized that swara is came ready.
ragini thinks how to speak to swara. she called at swara but she didn’t hear ragini’s voice. ragini thinks. suddenly, she gets a idea. she runs towards upstairs. she runs to her dadi’s room.
ragini opened the door and gets in. the room is all messed up. she caughed. she didn’t control her caugh because of the mess. ragini stared at the window, caughing. sho goes nar to the window. she then opened it. she sees towards swara’s room. but, she didn’t see swara. she searched ber. finally, she finds a glimpse of her hand in the corner of window. she realized that she sat in her bed. she called out for her again.
but swara didn’t hear her again. ragini thinks many ideas to speak to swara. but any of her ideas didn’t go well.
“what then i do?” she thinks.
ragini gets a idea. she took a big size paper. ragini wrapped it with celephene tape and throw it towards swara’s room. suddenly a breeze blown and the paper didn’t go instead it fell away. ragini gets annoyed and thinks. she said herself that this the last and final, if its didn’t get in to swara then , i’ll stop to call her. she thinks and gets a idea.
ragini remembers marbles in her room. she goes get that marbles. she comes to dadi’s room again amd took a marble from her hand. she eyed at the cupboard that in the front of swara. ragini throw that marble. but, marble goes to the wrong side. mth marble hit at the make up mirror and broke it. ragini put her hand in her ear and closed her eyes.

swara’s room:

swara scard when she hears the broken glass sound. she put the album aside and walked to the broken glass. swara took a piece and turned back and looked at ragini’s innocent and scared face. she smiled seeing at her. when ragini opened her eyes swara changed her face and pretend to be angry. ragini awkwardly smiled at swara.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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