Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 6)


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ragini’s residence:

shekar is in his room. he is reading a new paper. ragini came in inside the house. shekar heard her foot steps. he stopped reading new paper and walked to the hall.
“ragini, i had made food for you. you go and eat. papa is so tired. so, i’m going to sleep.” shekar patted on her head.
“haah…paapa” ragini said.
shekar noticed her face. shekar asked what happened.
“nothing, papa. just tired only” ragini tried to smile.
“okey. don’t forget to eat.” shekar goes to his room.
he locked his room from inside. ragini just stared at his room and thinks about shekar. she goes from there. she sat on her bed. suddenly, she hears a scooty sound from outside of the house.
“i think it’s swara’s scooty.” ragini got outside from her room and walked to the door. she stopped walking and looked for swara. but swara no where to be found. and she looked for swara’s scooty. it’s also nowhere. she then realized that the scooty sound is someones. she closed the door and goes to her room.
ragini opened her window side door to view her living place. when, she opened there are many peoples crowded at the market for buy Vegetables. a breeze touched her. she breathed the air and smiled. she stopped thinking about their parents and got in to a shower.

at the road:

swara is just going to her house in her scooty. suddenly, she get’s a call from sanskar. she stopped her scooty and take out her phone from her bag. she attend his call.
“hmmm, tell me sanskar.” swara put her phone in her ear.
“just a minute.” swara suddenly said and put her ear phone in her ear and connected it via bluetooth. swara put her phone into her bag.
“why are you being late for pick up the phone.” sanskar walked in his room.
“ahhm, sanskar i’m in the way to my home in my scooty.” swara started her scooty and raced to her home.
“swara, i want to say something.”
“say it” swara said.
“swara, i want you to know this matter. if you are in the home, you will surely know this matter from ragini now. but you are driving. so i want to tell. i know this matter just now from lakshya to whom ragini said.” sanskar said.
“sanskar, what’s the matter?” swara stopped her scooty at the road side.
her face was worried from what sanskar said.
“i want you to know that who is your father. i want to tell you this till ragini says. so i’d call you to tell.” sanskar trouble to say.
“what, how would you know. sorry, ho…how ragini know?” swara shocked
“in the morning ragini and shekar and you and sahrmishtha gone to a wedding, right. there she heard about the matter. your father is shekar and you both are twins.!” sanskar said as fast as he could.
“i can’t believe it. shekar is my father and ragini is my twin sister.” she smiled thinking that atlast she knows who her father is and at the same time swara cried for whatever she said to her father and her twin sister ragini in these years.
swara said bye to Lakshmi and hang out her phone and raced to her home. sanskar hangs out his phone and thinks about swara.

swara’s residence:

sharmishta was watching TV at home. a coll breeze came in to her through window. it touched her. when the breeze touched her, she starts to remember the past days.
“i’m watching ragini all day. but i cannot talk to her. when she looked at me, she just stared at me like i’m a enemy to her..why god? why you doing this to me?” sharmishtha thinks.
she get’s a call from her boss. she attends it. the boss said that she have to come to work and sorry for the distubants.
“it’s okay. i’ll come.” sharmishtha said.
she hangs out her phone and goes to change her dress. after change her dress she takes her phone and hand bag. she locked her house and goes in a auto. swara came in her scooty and parked it. she looked at her house’s door.
“damn it. mom where are you gone?” swara searched the key in her bag and found.
she unlocked the door and got inside the house. swara put her bag a side and sat at dining table. she remembers the album.
“yes!” swara goes to her mom’s room. she start searc for the album. but she didn’t get. suddenly swara remembers that when she is about to open sharmishtha takes it from her and goes to the store room. she cleans sharmishtha’s room. and then she goes to the store room and opens it. there are many object in there. swara start to search the album. she searched the room but she didn’t get. swara gets confused that where the album gone. when she us about to get outside of the store room, something stopped her from moving from the room. she get’s a glimpse of a gold color album. swara remembers the colour of the album also the same. she get on her knees. swara took that album in her hand and smirks.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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