Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 5)


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raglak’s special garden:

the garden us so silent. ragini waited between rose flowers for lakshya. ragini couldn’t wait anymore. her feet didn’t touch the grass for long time. ragini heard a horn sound. she turned.
laksh parked his car at parking lot. he came toward her. ragini coudn’t wait until he came from parking lot. she walks toward him. laksh looks confused as ragini also walks toward him.
“is there any any problem? she want’s to slap me. that’s the reason for calling me here.” he said to himself.
he stared at ragini. he get’s a glimpse of her eyes teary.
“oh ho, laksh what you have done? why she is crying?” he asked his soul.
when ragini came close to laksh, she slipped and about to fall. but, laksh catches her.they get a eyelock.
“what happened. are you blind? you cannot see the rock? if you fall down. you might get hurt, ragini. take care of yourself. u can’t live without you. i just cant. please understand my feelings for you…” he cared.
ragini tried so hard to speak at him. but, he didn’t gave a permission to her. laksh gave big advice about how to take care of yourself. ragini gives up to him to advice. she looked at laksh that she listens to him fully. laksh get shy the way she looks.
“why are you looking at me like this?” laksh asked.
“are you finished?” swara says faintly.
“what?” lakshya confused.
“are you finished your lecture? can i speak now?” ragini angered at him.
“not yet. but it’s okay, you may speak.”

ragini glared at him. she closed her eyes. laksh eyed her romantically. ragini sighed. laksh closed his eyes and came closer to kiss her. just about to kiss, ragini opened her eyes. she get’s scared the way the way he get close to her. ragini didn’t make a noise. she get’s way from there. three feets away from him, she stopped. she just stared at him. laksh realized that ragini is no there. laksh opened his eyes. he get shocked to see ragini watching him. laksh gets embrassed. ragini come closer and looked around. there are no other persons. laksh also looked around. whenhe turned his head left. she kissed his cheek and goes shyingly. laksh followed her and he too kissed her cheek. after spending their time. they sat in the grass.
ragini put her head at laksh’s shoulder. laksh put his asrm around her.
“laksh , i wan’t you to know who is my mother is.” ragini said.
laksh takes ragini’s face in his hand and asked what. ragini told him what she sees and what she heard. he is in shock.
“what i have to do now? i don’t know? can you tell me what to do?” ragini asked sympathically.
“first tell this to swara. then you will know what to do.” laksh said.
“yes i have to speak to swara. bye” she runs towards her scooty and started it. she turned waved her hand to laksh. he waved back. ragini goes to her home.
lakshya called sanskar and tells him. sanskar is shocked. but, he takes it cool.

swaragini residence:

ragini parked her scooty and stared at swara’s house. the door closed but not locked. she stared at the corridor of swara’s house. sharmishta combed her hair staring at the sky. ragini sees sharmishtha. ragini smiked seeing at sharmishtha.
“maa.” ragini said.
sharmishtha realized that someone is looking at her. she looked at ragini’s house and then looked down. she sees ragini. ragini turned quickly as she could. sharmishtha sees at ragini and just stared at her. her eyes filled with tears. she wiped it and goes from there. ragini turned to look back. she didn’t found in the corridor. tears rolled down her cheek. she wiped it. she repeated the word ‘maa’ continusly. this time she said a bit louder.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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