Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 4)


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“will you be my better half?” lakshya said to
“yes. I will. I will always be your better half.”
ragini promised, looking into his eyes.
the bell rang. raglak broke their eye lock. ragini
checked the time in her watch.
“I have to go. bye. we will meet at the canteen
after the period finished.” she waved her hands.

lakshya waved back and smiled. ragini is
sittingvin her class. swara comes. they didn’t
see each other or glaring today. instead they do
their own work.
after the period finished ragini goes to see
lakshya at canteen. meanwhile, sanskar took
swara from college to somewhere. ragini and
lakshya spend some quality time with each other
after a long time without any problems. sanskar
took swara to a movie. ragini and swara goes to
their home after spending time with their lover.
at swaragini’ home:
when swara came to the house sharmishtha says
to get ready.
“where, mom?” swara confused.
“we are going to wedding of my colleague’s
sister wedding. they invited me to come with
family.” sharmishtha gets ready.

“okay, mom. just a while.” ragini said.
ragini goes to sharmishtha’s room to get her
dress. swara opened the cupboard. she searched
for her dress. a album dropped from the
cupboard while searching. swara stopped
searching looks down. she gets in her knees.
swara took the album and stared at it. she
opened it and get a glimpse of her mother with a
man. but he didn’t see his face instead swara
sees only his ear and hair and a Grey colour
dress that looks like sherwani. just about to fully
open. sharmishtha shouted from back to stop.
swara looked at her, shocked. sharmishtha
quickly came towards her and take that album
from her.
“Don’t waste your time. get ready fast.”
sharmishtha said.

swara didn’t utter a word. sharmishtha gets away
from there taking the album with her.
‘why mother looked so panic when I opened the
album. the man in that photo, who he is? mom,
loooked so panic. so, that means is it my father
in the photo.’ swara says to herself.
after a minute, swara stopped thinking about her
mother’s behaviour and get’s ready in a white
lehengha. they got out from their house. swara
start her scooty. sharmishtha locked the house
stared at ragini’s house. ragini’s house is already
locked. swara can sees law out her mother.
sharmishtha sat back of the scooty. and they
goes to the wedding place.
“mom, you go first. I forgot to buy a bouquet.”
swara said.
“okay” Sharmishtha smiled and get inside to the
wedding hall.
when swara turned, she sees ragini’s scooty. she
goes from there. after a few minutes, swara
came inside that wedding hall with a bouquet.
swara searched her mother. swara sees
sharmishtha standing with shekar. they taking
something. she goes near sharmishtha and
shekar. when she reached. sharmishtha says.
shesays to shekar something. they stopped
talking. shekar goes from there looking at swara.
“mom, what happened? why are your eyes are
watery? is there any problem? is the man is your
problem?” swara worried.

“swara, can you stop your talk. and give respect
to elders. you think he is a younger from you?
this is the last warning. next time, you speak like
this then I will do anything to stop you from
speaking like this.” sharmishtha said to her
“let’s go” sharmishtha uttered.
swara didn’t say say anything. ragini is there
watching all the scenes from shekar came to
speak at sharmishtha. ragini is heated what they
are talked and gets shocked. she goes from
there. It is revealed that her mother is
sharmishtha and swara is her twin sister.
ragini’s residence:
when she entered her room she locked the door.

she cried. she cannot believe that her mother is
sharmishtha. she smiled to herself.
ragini get her phone from her bed. she clicked
on on lakshya’s name. ragini messaged him to
meet her now at their special garden. after
messaged, she thinks about swara and
sharmishtha and shekar.

how is this? did u like like it guys?. ..

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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