Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 3)


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ragini’s residence:

ragini came out of her room after changed her dress. “I’m so tired.” she said to herself. ragini looked for shekar. but he didn’t found. she goes to the corridor.
shekar sitting in the chair with a paper in the hand reading. ragini goes near him. “come to the dinner dad” ragini called. “I’m not hungry. I’ll eat after a while. you go and eat.” shekar said. ragini lowed her head and turned to go. shekar put that paper aside and looked at sharmishtha’s house. ragini looked at shekar suddenly. she get confused about why shekar looking at sharmishtha’s house. ragini goes from there thinking about shekar.

swara’s residence:

swara thinks about sanskar said that go and ask sharmishtha about why they are always get into a fight. she remembers the fight that their parents had. ‘I never asked my mom about the fights they had. but I have done many fights with ragini. what a fool I am.’ she said. sharmishtha came inside swara’s room. “why you saying you are a fool?” sharmishtha walked towards her. swara was in hell shocked. her heart beat stopped a while. she caughed. ‘I… I mean….nothing” she said. swara trouble to speak with sharmishtha. sharmishtha smiled at swara. “is there any problem or questions with me, don’t afraid. just ask me. I won’t force you to tell. if you want then tell me. I will try my best to solve the problems. okay?” she said. “okay mom. I will promise you that I don’t lie to you. if there is a problem I’ll ask you.” swara smiled. sharmishtha gently slapped at her shoulder and goes from there. swara relaxed. “I have to ask her. don’t be afraid swara. go and ask her” shecsiad to herself to get atleast a glimpse of brave in to her.

maheshwari residence:

sanskar and lakshya were in sanskar’s room. “wow, brother we succeed in swara and ragini’s matter. now, they will think about the fights they had before. till, the confusion clears, we had no stress.” sanskar lyed on his bed. lakshya sitting beside sanskar. “yes brother. till, this days we are the lamb between their fight. but now we are not a lamb between them. happy days are back.” lakshya shouted out of happiness. durgaprasad shouted from downstairs to keep quiet. lakshya stop shouting and make puppy face. sanskar session his face and laugh auto loud. durgaprasad Prasad repeated the same words to sanskar. sanskar keep quiet. they see each other and smilraed.


next day, swara waited at corridor for sanskar, patiently. but, he didn’t come. after a while, she turned into impatient.
sanskar and lakshya parked their bike. sanskar take out the bike key hurriedly. “why are you man in a hurry.” lakshya said. “because it’s valentines day.” replied sanskar. “oh, shit! how did I forgot?” lakshya worried. “why? did u forgot that it’s valentines?” sanskar asked. “that’s not. I forgot to bring gift for ragini.” lakshya said. “so sad. enjoy!” sanskar laughed. lakshya glared at him. “oh Ho. don’t be angry. cool.” sanskar takes his bag and goes from there.
sanskar turned left at corridor to go to swara’s class. he sees swara angrily looking at the garden view. she pinching her leather bag. sanskar realized that he is late. he took her step back. “don’t go” swara says. “sorry” Sanskar said. swara cool down to look at him. he take out a gift from his bag. it wears with a pink gift wraper. swara looked at him. sanskar downs on his knees. swara comes toward him. “happy valentines days, swara” sanskar wished. tears rolled down her cheeks. sanskar gets up and wiped her tears. he gave the gift to swara. she opened it. there is a ring. sanskar take it and put it into her finger. he kisses swara’s hand. and they hugged.
lakshya came towards ragini. when ragini sees him she smiled. lakshya smiled awkwardly. ragini runs towards him and hugged him. he hugged her back. after a while ragini breaks their hug and wished him valentines day. he smiled. ragini gifted him a shirt. he continually smiled. lakshya take his ring out if his hand. put it in her finger. “look so cute.” ragini says. “you are beautiful.” lakshya romantically looked at her. ragini looked at his eyes. lakshya also looked into her eyes. they shared a eyelock.

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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