Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 2)


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at swaragini ‘s class:

swaragini were sitting in their class. lakshya and sanskar came inside to compromise them. when sanskar and lakshya sit beside swaragini. they are glared at them. “sorry babe. ” sanskar compromises swara. while lakshya also doing the same thing to ragini. “I have done a mistake by talking to swara. sorry. please forgive me. ” lakshya said. lakshya took her to his heart. she looked at him. he looked in to her eyes. she hugged him. “at last you forgive me. ” he came to kiss her cheek. ragini pushed him and slapped on his shoulder and smiled.
swara glared at him. “please forgive me or I”ll die” he said emotionally. she too looked at him emotionally. they both get a eye lock. finally, swara forgives him and smiled. sanskar hugged swara and she hugged him back. the two couples talked a while until the teacher came in to class. when teacher came sanskar and lakshya goes to their respective classes.

at college corridor:

while walking to their classes. sanskar and lakshya met. “thank god you give me a best idea to compromise ragini. thank you” lakshya smiled. “hey we are blood brothers. so, no thanks between us. plus?” Sankara said. “okay, brother” lakshya said. they goes from there after a while.
after the class ended swaragini hurried to the door. they both got to the door at the same time. they glared at each other. while their friends were looking at them from behind. swaragini went into an arguments that who is going outside first. the argument heated. they speak rudely to each other. lakshya comes there. he sees swaragini’s argument as ND shocked. sanskar came beside him. earphone in his ear. he looked lakshya shocked. “what happened?” he didn’t look at swaragini. lakshya didn’t speak a word. sanskar looked at swaragini. he too get into shock. “what to do?” sanskar asked. lakshya goes forward to stop swaragini fighting. he graps ragini’s hand and drag her outside. but ragini didn’t stop fighting. he dragged ragini from there. sanskar also dragged swara away. “why you dragged me away?” swara asked him. he looked at him. he glared at her. “why you always fighting with her?” he shouted. swara looks on. sanskar realized that he shouted at her. “I.. I.. I’m sorry swara” and sanskar asked the same question with a manner. “our parents are fighting. so, we too.” she said. “so you don’t know why your mom and her father are fighting.” he asked. “yes” swara said. “swara are you a fool or what? you didn’t know the answer for their fight but you are fighting with her. why?” sanskar goes from there. swara looks at sanskar going and thinks why our parents were fighting.

swaragini’s residence:

shekar thinks about sharmishtha and their love relationship and their marriage. shekar looked out of window. he sees sharmishtha’s house door closed.
inside the house sharmishtha recalls all their sweet memories looking at her marriage picture. sharmishtha’s hear a door knob sound. she took the album to her room quickly. she was scared. she put the album in to her cupboard.

outside sharmishtha’s house:

swara knotted on the door continually. ragini came there. she parked her scooty. ragini looked at swara and goes. swara didn’t look back instead she knotted in the door and calling out for sharmishtha. “wait, I’ll come” sharmishtha said.
sharmishtha open the door. “so tired mom. can u give me a cup if coffee. please.” swara asked. sharmishtha smiled. swara goes inside. sharmishtha closed the door wile looking at shekar’s house for ragini. swara looked back at sharmishtha suspiciously…

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Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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