Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 12)


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At The Lake :

swasan walking by the side of the lake.
swasan says to swara that she was beautiful and made a eye contact. swara smiled
“you make me crazy. and you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.” sanskar said.
and, starts to compliment her beauty, abilities, and etc.
“I love you swara, I want you to be my partner in my life forever.” sanskar proposed.
swara’s eyes in water. she is melted by the words that had said by sanskar. swara hugged him.
“I love you, sanskar’s. I will be your better half. I love you.” swara broke the hug and kissed him on his cheek.
sanskar melted. sanskar cupped swara’s face. they make eye contact. sanskar comes closer to her that made her heart beat race. swara closed her eyes. sanskar kissed her forehead. they looks so romantic.

raglak are standing at a wall. lakshya was in front of her. there is no way to broke that stand.
“ragini, ragini, I love you ragini. you make my life very happy. I’m lucky to have you.” lakshya said.
ragini looks at him happily. she lost by his words. suddenly, lakshya start to laugh. ragini looks on.
“you really believe me by the words I just say. it was just a joke.” lakshya laughed.
ragini broke the moment. she starts to walk. lakshya called her. she didn’t turn. lakshya looks on. he rushed toward ragini. and lakshya hugged ragini from back. ragini is in a state of shock.
“I love you ragini.” lakshya said and kissed on cheek.
ragini turned toward him. he correct her hair while complimenting her. she looks at him. ragini didn’t utter a word. they start to walk.

rain comes by the time when the two couples start to walk. swara and sanskar danced in the rain romantically.
on the other side, ragini danced while lakshya stands under a tree to protect himself from rain. ragini called him. but he didn’t come. ragini comes to him and grab him to the rain. ragini laughed. lakshya cupped her face and look in to her eyes. they danced romantically.

swaragini residence :

swara sneezed continuesly. sharmishtha comes to her and scolded her. swara listens. sharmishtha gives her medicines and checked her with a thermometer to know that she have fever.
sharmishtha dropped the the thermometer and medicines in the table. sharmishtha gets swara to lay in her bed. she put blanket in swara. sharmishtha goes from there.
ragini looked at the whole scene. she gets teary eyes and start to sneeze. shekar is not in the house. he is gone to his work. ragini drink ginger tea for to stop sneezing.
swara come to her window. she sees ragini crying and drinking the ginger tea.
‘hey, why are you crying.?” swara asked.
“nothing, swara.” ragini breathed.
“tell me, ragini.” swara says.
“you are lucky, swara. you are with mom. she will took care of you.” ragini sighed.
“who says that I’m lucky. I’m with mom But not with dad. and you with dad but not with mom. we have in a equal.” swara says.
ragini looks on. she didn’t say anything
“we have to find a solution for this. and you don’t be so weak and cry. be strong.” swara says.
“yeah, swara. we have to.”ragini says.
swara says to ragini to come to the upstairs. ragini comes. swara also comes by there by taking the medicine and the thermometer. ragini looks on.
“now I’m the mother. I’m sharmishtha” swara says.
ragini laughed. swara starts to scold her for being on rain foe an half an hour. ragini looks. swara gives her medicines and checked her with the thermometer. ragini gets teary eyes again. swara looks at her. ragini hugged her. swara hugged back.
“be strong, ragini. we are swaragini sister. we will always to be together. and we will reunite them at any situation.” swara says.
ragini stopped crying and gets to be strong.

Sanlak’s residence:

Annapurna, sujatha, parineetha and uttaran scolded sanlak. they gives a medication to the to stop sneezing. then, they give medicines. durga Prasad comes there and he also starts scolding him. sanlak sleeped with the scolds continues. like the scolds were lullabies to them. they all looked at them. they walked outside of sanlak room.
sanlak opened their eyes. when Annapurna looks at them. they closed their eyes. they pretends to be sleep. Parineetha close the door. Sanlak sat in their bed and sighed deeply. sujatha opened the door to take the medicines. sanlak gets shocked. sujatha looked at them crookedly. behind sujatha the members of the family stands. all are angry at sanlak. sanlak gets sad for being trapped between them.

how is the episode guys did u all like it?

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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