Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 11)


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swara’s residence:
the sunlight hit at swara’s face. she closed her face with blanket and sleep. the door cracked open. sharmishtha comes inside in the room. she have a mug with coffee in her hand and put that cup in the table beside swara’s bed. sharmishtha called out swara.
“hmmmm, two minutes, mom” swara sickly said. sharmishtha stared at her and touched swara’s hair. sharmishtha take that coffee mug to swara, closely. swara feel the scent of coffee.
“aah, sweet smell.” swara smiled sleepily. she gets takes coffee from her mother.
sharmishtha sat at the sofa. swara looks around drinking the bed coffee. .
“did you like the coffee?” sharmishtha asked.
“what are you asking? I loved the coffee very much.”

sharmishtha gets up and walked to the room door. swara reminisces about sharmishtha -shekar. she calls out at sharmishtha.
“what?” sharmishtha turned back.
swara blabbers at her. swara tried to talk. but the words didn’t come from her throat. atlast, swara said that nothing, I forgot the matter.
“okay.. if you remember, then tell me” sharmishtha said walked.
“okay, mom.” swara says.
swara scold herself for blabbered. and takes her towel and gets into the bathroom. sharmishtha works on breakfast.

Ragini’s residence:
ragini sings the bhajan and starts take aarthi to the whole house. first, in the hallway. then shekar’s room and her room. atlast, dadi’s room.
shekar reads the paper while drinking coffee.
ragini prays to god that to keep safe and sound her family and lakshya. she gives Prasad to shekar. shekar blesses ragini.
ragini puts breakfast on the dining table and eats a alloo ke sabzi. then, she gets in to her room.
she closed door and gets ready for college.
after she gets ready, ragini walks downstairs. she told to shekar that to eat, don’t be in any diet.
shekar says okay. she walked to the main door
and put her shoes in her feet. ragini looks up at swara’s room. swara didn’t come.

swara’s residence:
swara came out of the bathroom. swara gets ready to college and came out of her room. she closed the door. swara walked to the hall. she gets into the prayer room and prays the as ragini.
swara goes to the kitchen and put the breakfast in her plate and eat it. she remembers ragini and packed the food. swara takes the packed food. Sharmishtha comes upstairs and sees at ragini standing. ragini sees that and goes to start her scooter. ragini pretends to be start the bike till swara comes.

swara comes and sees ragini starting the scooty.
ragini didn’t see her. swara thinks why she is pretending. she call ragini. ragini hears her voice but didn’t turn.
“why she is didn’t turn?” swara thinks.
swara comes outside to start her scooty.
sharmishtha calls swara and say bye to her and says bye again. ragini realized that the second bye is for her and smiled. swara realized that why ragini didn’t turn. they start their scooters and goes from there.
after they get out from their house, they parked their scooter in a park nearer from their house. they talked about each other to know them very well to the other person while they walked.

at college:
sanskar waited for swara in their personal spot. but swara didn’t come. sanskar messaged her and waited for her reply.
lakshya comes there and asked sanskar that did you see ragini anywhere.
“hey, swara – ragini didn’t come yet. I messaged to swara a while ago.” sanskar checked his phone for messages.

at park:
swara’s phone beeped. she checks her phone and says to ragini excuse me. ragini waited while swara starts to text about the location they are in now.
swara came to ragini and says that sanskar messaged me. ragini smiled.
“sanskar have message to swara. but lakshya… what the hell he is doing?” ragini thinks in herself.
“ragini, I think we should tell to our parents that we know about their marriage.” swara said,the thing swara just says distracted ragini.
“no, we should not tell them.”ragini said
“then what do we do?” swara thinks.
“we have to think” ragini said.
“idea, we should unite them again.” swara said.
“good idea. ” ragini said and they both laughed.
sanlak comes to the park and start searching for them in separate ways. lakshya sees ragini and waved at her. ragini gets annoyed. lakshya confused. sanskar comes there and called swara.
she sees them both and waved. sanlak comes towards them. ragini didn’t see lakshya. swara and sanskar sees them and goes from there to a lake side.

“why are you angry with me?” lakshya said.
“nothing. sanskar messaged swara but you?” ragini said.
“oh, this is the problem. I’m sorry.” lakshya consoled her.
ragini says sorry and they both get united.

at Lake side:
swasan sat at lake side. they both talked about their own sweet memories they had.
sanskar made fun of swara about their first meet
at college when the holi celebration. they reminisces their first meeting where swara comes and sanskar smears colours in her face, their hate love lovestory and all. they had best time with each other.
on the other side, raglak spend their time with each other romantically.

how is the episode guys.? did you all lik

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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