Swaragini – A New Destination (Episode 1)

Hi guys. I’m new here. I’m writing a story of swaragini. I hope you enjoy. I start it from the beginning.

swara and ragini were enemies since childhood. they didn’t know that they are sister and their parents married but some misunderstanding they are separated. they living opposite each other.

swara’s residence:

“swara, wake up” sharmistha says from downstairs. swara wakes up. she didn’t open her eyes. sharmishtha comes to her room. swara opened her eyes looking at her mom. she hugged her mom. mom says to get ready for college. at last she get ready.
after an hour, she comes downstair. sharmishtha looks at swara. “too late to get ready. but, it’s okay. you are looking good in this red gown.” her mom says. “thanks” swara said with smiling at her mom.
after breakfast, she got into her scooty. she looked at ragini’s house with an angry mode and goes.

ragini’s residence:

ragini is doing puja and singing devotional songs. she wears a blue Punjabi suit. shekar comes behind her. ragini turned to look at shekar. she smiled at her. she finished puja. she give prasath to shekar. after the puja she too get ready for college in a hurry. shekar gives breakfast to her. ragini ate it and take her bag. ragini hugged shekar and says “bye, papa”. ragini get in to her scooty and goes.

shekar and sharmishta:

shekar stading at the corridor looks at sharmishtha’s house. she comes out from house and locked it. she realized that someone is looking. sharmishtha looked at shekhar and glared at him. he too glared back and goes inside.
she get in to a auto and remember their happy days and swaragini birth. tears rolled down fro her eyes. she wiped it.

at college:

sanskar and lakshya were talking with their friend. while talking, swara comes and parked her scooty and looked for something. then, she goes to sanskar. sanskar comes forward to hug swara. but, she rejects his hug. lakshya and their friends laughed. swara and sanskar come to lakshya. ‘hi” she says to lakshya and goes with sanskar to the class.

after a while, ragini came. she too searched something. lakshya came near and smiled. “hi” she says. she find swara ‘s scooty . “oh no, today also she came fast.” she said to lakshya. ” I’m seeing you both since I first met you. why you both fighting”he asked. she smiled at him. “I don’t know. since childhood my papa and her mom were fighting. so, we also declared both as enemies.” “won’t you ask your dad why they are fighting?” ragini looked at him. “yeah. I asked ready to my father but he said you are a kid. so ‘ you don’t want know. “she says. “okay. let’s forget it and come to our matter. ” she smiled at him and they goes to college.

swasan and raglak were walking opposite to each other. when they came face to face. ragini says the to sanskar. and he says back. ragini glared at him. he looked down. “your dress is super. ” said by lakshya. ragini glared at him. swaragini goes to their class with sanskar and lakshya looked at them and looked at each other. “they are both are going to kill us.! ” says both…

this is my first episode of my ff.. how is it?…

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam


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