swaragini a new chapter


a fresh start swaragini
a background voice says its 2015 22 years have passed since after mydivorce with shekar it is shown that shekar and sumi are husband and wife.they had a huge fight which led to their divorce and each mutually shared their two girls and promised not to say about their relation to both the girls …
at sumi’s residance it is shown that a girl is still sleeping when sumi tries to wake her up.she childishly scolds then goes to her sleep .sumi then wakes her up and ask her to get ready for at shekars residenher music talent show.
on the other side shekar also thinks about sumi.dadi comes to the pooja room a girl is shown it is revealed that she is ragini sister of swara.she is praying to the god ragini gets blessing from dadi and goes to get ready for her competition.
in the competition venue
all are getting ready ,swara is so cool and ragini is nervous.the anchor calls everyones name,and finally ragini is called she sings well and gets good remarks and then swara is called swara also sings well impressing the judges announces the result saying that they are confused to choose winner between swara and ragini .sumi and dadi are shocked hence they announce tie breaker.to be conducted between these two girls and the episode ends on both the girls face

precap: a young arrogant handsome man is shown who is ragging his junior in his college..

Credit to: nive

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  1. please make it swalak

  2. no please make it swasan and raglak

  3. Please make it swasan as many of them
    are swasan fans

  4. Make swara and sanskar.

  5. Start is good Nive..keep it up.

  6. Plss tell how i continue read this story online plss tell i want swara and sanskar pair plss dont pair swara and laksh

  7. Beautiful…..keep going on…..interesting start

  8. Plz make swasan????????

  9. Nive cant u give a pstve role 2 Ragini in ur story??????plz consider my request.I’m tired of readng all te swaragini stories coz all ‘ve sms villain.plz plz plz give Ragini a pstv role.it really eud give te readers a pleasnt mind.
    Y dnt u guys cmnt on manmarziyan stories???all r superb stories. I’m a mmz fan.u’ll gt a lot f gud frnds there.its an open invitation.

    1. I would love too

  10. Plz make it swalak and ragsan

  11. Tq everyone

  12. Please SWALAK PLZ

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