swaragini a new chapter (epi 2)

In the previous episode we saw judges announcing a tie breaker but it fails both the girls sings so the judges announce swaragini as winners dadi and sumi get shocked when they both comes near sumi swara introduces ragini as her new college friend sumi gets over emotional seeing.then thinks of her promise she moves backward then while coming home swara asks her mom.mamma papa will be happy na if he gets to know I won this competition but where he is how he willlook like.but y he hasn’t come to see u sumi gets angry and asks her to shut up finally swara gets suspicious .

On the other side a college is shown

A young handsome hunk is shown teasing his juniors he is shown as lakshya maheshwari(laksh) when swara and ragini pass by him he calls ragini.swara and laksh are enemies ragini has a crush on laksh.she blushes and goes near him along with swara .they both fight and then ragini pacifies them both laksh gets a call from his bhai.he gets shocked and the screen freezes on his face.

Precap a handsome man is shown scolding laksh.swara and ragini comes to meet eachother

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  1. please extend it a bit more and make it raglak and swasan

  2. Good,waiting for Sanskar intro.. Keep going.

  3. Awesome make it swasan

  4. Nice !
    Plz make ragsan plz plz plz ☆ 🙂

  5. nyc but pls make it swasan

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