swaragini- a new attire ep 8


Im sorry for the late update i hope u all will like this episode so i mingled two epi as one epi

In the Maheswari Mansion…

Sujatha & swara walking in the corrider “yeh chori whatever happened in today is not good im saying to u” sujatha said but swara didnt response. Swara enters to the room. Sanskar is standing near the window. She runs towards to him & hugged from the behind.

“Sanskar Im sorry! Im sorry sanskar! I think Im over reacted” he turns “oh u think waah?” She is shocked. “U know swara i thought even in this condition u wont trust me & im correct damn it” he shouted “nahi sanskar not like that” she holds his hands but he jerks it “then like what swara? Tell me in each every time if someon says anything wrong or if anything goes wrong u just blame me” he continued but she shakes her head by saying no.

“For u sanskar is wrong he cant do anything correct waah” he shouted again “swara if u think im wrong im good for nothing im lieing to u & if u cant trust me pls go away swara leave me & go away” he shouted.

Swara hugged him tightly “naa sanskar im sorry im sorry sanskar pls dont tell like that pls dont ask me to go away i cant stay away from u I LOVE U SANSKAR!” He stands still “even though i cant remember anything but i can feel ur love. Sanskar i love u sanskar & ” she looks at him “haa I LOVE U SO MUCH & U ARE MY WIFE! ALWAYS U WILL BE. how many times i told this to u but u are not ready to listen” he pushes her away & leaves. Swara falls down & cries loudly. She remembers her marriage with sanskar in the mandhir.

In the morning…

Sanskar enters to the room the he sees swara is sleeping on the ground “Swara” he runs near to her “Sanskar u came” she said but her eyes are red cuz of crying in the whole night ” are u mad? Why did u sleep on the ground? See now how weak are u?” Sanskar scolded “u not angry with me naah?” She asked then he looks at her. “Swara i have to go to the office” he leaves.

Few hours later…In the MM…

Swara goes to the kichten & listens to ap & sujatha’s conversation. “Jiji sanskar didnt have his breakfast” sujatha said “sujatha swara is there to take care of him” ap replied “because of that chori my son become like this I think she has done some blackmagic on him” sujatha said “sujatha” ap replied & swara leaves the place.

In Swasan Room…

“I know u are angry with me but why u are punishing urself?” Swara said while sitting on the bed “I have to do something which makes him happy” swara is confused “uttara can help me?” She stood up.

“Bhai likes palak paneer & carrot halwa but why u are asking that?” Uttara asked “no uttara just to know also can u tell whats his fav colour?” Swara replied “uffo bhabhi u still dont know dat bhai’s fav colour is dark blue” uttara replied “sorry uttara i think i forget dat too” swara leaves “something fishy I think bhabhi is upto something” uttara said herself.

“Maa Im going to baadi today sometime I will stay there” ragini said “why? Is everything alright?” Laksh asked “haa but maa is not well so daadi cant handle everything alone so i must go there” she replied “tell to ur maa that swara is fine” ap said & leaves. Ragini & Laksh looks on.

In the office…

“Sir ur wife has sent u the lunch” a staff said ” what? My wife?” Sanskar looked up while working on the laptop “haa sir” the staff replied “ok keep & go” he said “why swara? Why u are doing all of this? Once u know the reality will u remain the same?” Sanskar asked himself

Credit to: Achu

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  5. Hi Achu, Nice epi and supeeerb writing! Interesting development but i think Sanskar should not react like this as he had already react the same before (like Aditi said) … Keep writing it’s amazing!

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