swaragini- a new attire ep 7


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In the garden of MM…

“Swara” ragini called. “Haa ragini” swara replied “i think u should stay away from sanskar” ragini said “but why u saying like that” swara is confused “cuz u cant remember anything now but once u regain ur memory, u should not feel gulity. Swara afterwards u have to bare the pain” swara is tensed. “Naa ragini bhabhi is correct. whatever happend is our past. Now they are husband & wife. So let them live their own lives” laksh replied “but laksh” ragini asked “bhabhi maa is searching for u” laksh looked at swara “haa” she went inside “ragini its their personal life we shouldnt interfere in that” laksh left the place. Ragini looks on

“So swara bhabhi is so lucky” uttara said to pari in the kichten. “Haa haa bt why” swara enters to thr kichten “cuz uttaraji is jealous of u” pari said “no bhabhi i said sanskar bhai loves u alt & cares fr u” swara blushes “so uttaraji also want her husband to be like that” pari said “haa uttara dont wry i tell to mom & ur bhai” swara said “no no bhabhi” pari & swara laughs.

In the evening at swasan room

Swara is rearranging sanskar’s wardrobe. She is thinking about sanskar. A wide smile on her face. “Mera pyaari pathidev” she smiles. She takes a light blue blazer of sanskar. She puts her hand on blazer’s hand. “Im very happy cuz u are in my life. He makes me feel the love. I see in ur eyes only ur love.” She reminicses ragini’s words “but why did ragini said like that? What must be happen? How did I got accident?” Kavitha enters to the room.

“U are correct! U must think. Why did u got accident?” Swara asks “what u mean?” Kavitha continues “i meaned if u are sanskar’s wife where is ur sindoor? Where is ur mangalasutra?” Suddenly swara remembers she is not wearing a mangalasutra & there is no sindoor on her maang “thats y am saying to both of u are not married” kavitha said

“Kavitha” sanskar shouted & she is shocked to see him “before say something go back to ur room” sanskar said “but sanskar” kavitha said “i said to go” he replied.kavitha leaves “swara” he looks at swara but she is crying & she touches her maang & her neck by looking at mirror. “Swara” he goes near to her. “Pls tel me truth am i ur wife?” She asked & he holds her face “yes u are wife & always will be” he said “then where is my sindoor? Where is mangalasutra?” She asked “no swara” suddenly she pushes him away “tel me truth”

“Swara” he said “are u lieing to me?” She shouted “swara listen to me” he said “no u tel me the truth” she shouted. All the family members comes to there. “Pls tel me the truth” swara falls to down & keep crying. He gets angry & drags her hand. All are shocked “sanskar” dp shouted “no bade papa not today” he said & took swara with him. “I will go behind them” laksh said “im also coming” ragini said “no ragini” before he continue “she is my sister” they also goes behind them.

Sanskar & swara goes to mandhir “sanskar why did we come here?” She asked “shut up just shut up” he shouted & she shocked to see him like this.”sanskar” she said but he drags her to the mandhir. “Pandhitji this is my wife we want to remarried” he said “but” before pandhit continue “my wife is not trusting me as her husband pls get us married” he said “but sanskar” he cuts her “enough swara no more” pandhit replies “ok come this way”

Laksh & ragini also reaches to same mandhir. Sanskar & swara is taking phereas by holding their hands & pandhit is reciting mantras. Laskh & ragini is shocked. Sanskar makes her wear mangalasutra & fills her maang with the sindoor.swara keep looking at him while crying “bhai” laksh said “i dont want talk anything” sanskar replied “but sanskar what u did is” ragini said “u better stay out this” he said “but she is my sister” she replied “before calling her as sister think what u did to her” he takes swara with him ragini & laksh looks on.

All are gathered in the enterance. sanskar’s car comes.all are looks on.swara gets down from the car. By seeing her sindoor & her mangalasutra, kavitha is shocked. Others are happy but same time tensed. “What this sanskar?” Rp asked “she is not listening to me so i had to do this” he replied “sanskar” swara said but he leaves without looking at him “sujatha take swara to her room” dp said “chori chalo” sujatha said & swara follows her.

Credit to: Achu

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