swaragini- a new attire ep 6


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In Swasan’s Room…

“She is sleeping like an angel in my arms. Whole night she didnt leave my side even she didnt let me” sanskar thought himself. He keep staring at swara for couple minutes. He is trying to get up “sanskar” swara shouted & suddenly sits on the bed “swara im here cool down” swara hugged him tightly “sanskar pls dnt leave me” swara whispered. “I wont” he replied.

Ragini gets ready in her old avatar by sitting near the mirror. Laksh comes there & smiles. She looks at him via the mirror & smiles back “Everything has changed in this month. I got my laksh, my love. Now laksh cares about me. I think he has realized my love” ragini lost on her own thoughts. Laksh goes near to her then he takes sindoor & fills her maang. Ragini closes her eyes & tears are falling from her right eye.

Laksh smiles by seeing her face. He makes her stand up then wipes her tears. She opens her eyes then looks at him with love. Laksh kisses on her forehead “Ragini I know whatever happen was not good but I think we can forget them move forward in our life” she looks at him “really laksh” he replies “haa ragini” he hugged her tightly.

In Swasan Room…
Swara is wearing pink saree in marwadi
style & combs her hair. Sanskar is coming from washroom. He is mermesized to see her in the marwadi dress. She looks at him. Sanskar is wearing black t-shirt with v collar and white trousher. “Swara u never” she cuts him “haa sanskar yeah i know” she said by wearing her earrings “I know Im bengali but u are marwadi naah so now i have to be like a marwadi bahu” sanskar replies “No need u can be like u want” she gives him a white blazer & helps him to wear it then she adjusts his blazer. Sanskar looks on.

Swara smiles at him. She puts her hand around his neck “oh Mr. Husband I want to be like this only” sanskar smiles & takes her hands then holds it. “Hmm why?” She replies ” because I LOVE YOU MY HUBBY” she gives him a side hug & looks his face. He also looks at him. They share a eyelock.

“Sanskar ur phone is ringing” then he comes on his senses “Im going to office I will come soon but u must take care” he turns but she holds his hands “so ur going?” He smiles “haa” she replies “where is my kiss?” Sanskar is shocked “swara” she blushes “what? Im asking from my hubby? Sanskar looks at here & there then she kisses on his left cheek & runs away. Sanskar is standing like freezed.

Ap,sujatha & parineetha arranges breakfast on the dinning table. Swara comes there “Maa” everyone is shocked to see her in marwadi getup “swara u are looking nice” pari said & swara smiles “maa, mom I arrange it” sujatha replies “naa chori u are not well” swara replies “but mom I cant let my saas to do work” ragini comes there “swara is right maa we will arrange it” ap & sujatha is surprised to see her behaviour.

Sanskar comes down & looks at swara. She blushes. All of the family memebers gathered on the dinning table. Everyone starts to have breakfast. Swara serves foods to sanskar.everyone is happy to see them together but kavitha “swara u are not well nah u also sit i will serve” swara replies “I want to serve foods to my husband” kavitha says “but swara” ap says “kavitha let her do it” sanskar looks at swara.

Sanskar stands near the car “here sanskar” swara gives him the laptop bag “from the morning u are behaving like typical wife” sanskar said “haa but u? Oh god u gave me an unromantic husband” she shows a fake anger & sanskar smiles. He goes closer to her then she gets nervous. He kisses on her forehead. She smiles “bye swara” he said “bye sanskar” she blushes. Ragini looks at them by standing on the main door.

Credit to: Achu

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