swaragini- a new attire ep 5


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In Sanskar’s Room…

“Swara” sumi calls her then she breaks the hug & looks at her “she is ur maa” sanskar said. Swara looks at sumi then sumi comes near her “thats ur baba” sanskar said it looking at shekhar.swara hugged sumi “maa” sumi hugged her back “shona I thought I lost u” shekar comes near swara “beta how are u feeling now?” Swara looks at him “baba” Kavitha comes near sanskar

“I think we should talk” sanskar shakes his head by saying yes then swara holds his hand “where are u going?” then sanskar her hand “I give a min I’ill come back” swara looks at sadly “promise?” then he replies “Promise” and leaves.

“Sanskar what is this? Why u didnt tell her the truth?” Sanskar got angry and looks at kavitha “dont u heard what doc said? I cant risk her life at any cost” kavitha says “but sanskar” sanskar replies “u have my word & Im disappointed by knowing that u dnt trust me anymore” before kavitha say “no sanskar” he left the place.

Back to Sanskar’s Room…

“I think we should take swara with us” while shekar said kavitha was so happy by listening that “No baba I cant come with u even though I cant remember anything this is my sasural & thats my husband” she points at sanskar “but beta” before sumi say swara holds her hand “I know maa u will be worried about me but in here sanskar is with me nah also ragini is here nah?” Sanskar replies “haa maa u dnt worry maa I’ill take care of her” swara looks at him “Maa! Baba! I will drop u” laksh said.

In the enterance of Maheswari Mansion…

“Baba I know u are angry with me but I cant risk swara’s life once she regain her memory” shekar cuts sanskar’s talk in middle “u will send her to baadi again but that innocent girl doesnt know that & trusting u madly.she thinks the person who made her alike this as her husband” sumi says “shekar” he replies “Mishti come we are getting late” sumi looks at sanskar & leaves

In the Sanskar’s Room…

Sanskar gives medicines to swara “u must sleep now swara” he walks towards the door “but where are u going?” Sanskar replies “to the guest room” swara asks “but why?” Sanskar doesnt know what to say “u are not well nah?” Swara replies “that doent mean we cant stay in the same room? I dont know u must stay here” sanskar worries “ok if u say so” swara smiles “good boy” sanskar takes the pillow and goes near the couch.

“Sanskar are u going to sleep in the couch? But why?” Sanskar replies “No Im fine & I sleep on the couch so u can feel comfortable in the bed” swara says “if u are sleeping with me in the bed then only i will be comfortable” sanskar is shocked & suddenly says “no no swara pls u sleep now” swara replies “No i cant why u cant sleep in the bed?” Sanskar replies “but swara” swara sits on the bed

Sanskar thinks in his mind “Oh no what should i do now? No i must take care of her if she didnt sleep now her condition can be worse” sanskar goes near the bed & sits on the bed. Swara holds his hand. Sanskar keeps his hand on her shoulder & makes her to sleep. Swara catches his t-shirt & make him to sleep beside her then she hugs him “sanskar do u really love me?” then swara keeps her head on his chest & looks at his face. Sanskar also looks at her face & hugged her more tightly “yes swara i really love u” swara smiles

Credit to: Achu

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