swaragini- a new attire ep 4


Im really sorry for late update!!!im realy busy with my bestie’s wedding!!!i hope u all will like this epi

After 1 month…
In night…
In sanskar’s room…

“Days are passing like clouds…its has been 30 days.still u are laying on the bed without any reaction.I miss ur smile,ur words,ur fight & ur looks!whenever I close my eyes I see ur accident only when wil u come back to me?I know u are with me but this is different”sanskar says this by holding swara’s hand “but how much I miss u that much my guilty feeling increase cuz of me,u are like this if once I havent thought about u today u cant be in this condition”this thoughts running his mind.

Suddenly laksh keeps his hand on sanskar’s shoulder “Bhai she will be alright” sanskar stands & leaves that place.”I really want swara to be recover but?”laksh follows him “once she is fine,she have to leave u bhai are u thinking about that?”sanskar doesnt know what to reply “bhai u love swara also she does the same” sanskar replies “but I have given my word to kavitha” leaves from there & laksh looks on.

Next day morning,
All the family members gathered on breakfast table.

“Bhabhi I have an important meeting.can u give the medicines to swara ontime?”sanskar asked from pari “sanskar u dnt worry I’ill give the medicines to swara & take care of her” ragini replied.sanskar & others gave a shocking look to her.”but ragini” before sanskar say something “sanskar” someone calls him who is standing the staircase.sanskar shocked “swara” sometime he is so happy “u came back to me swara” kavitha gives him a confused look then “are u alright” sanskar asks from her.swara feels dizzy then ragini gives her some water “how are u feeling now?” She asks from swara “where am i now?this place is looks familliar to me” swara looks at sanskar “swara u are at our home” swara looks at sanskar “tel me the truth are u my husband?”sanskar shocked with her question.ragini says “I think u need some rest swara come we will go to ur room”she takes swara with her “sanskar I think u should call the doc” laksh says while keeping his hand on sanskar’s shoulder.

Few hours ago..
While doc checks swara,sanskar stands there “Mr. Maheswari ur wife is so weak I think u should take care of her cuz her medicines are so powerful than her condition” suddenly swara hold sanskar’s hand “sanskar u didnt answer to my question” sanskar replies “swara I wil answer u but now i must talk with the doc” sanskar goes with the doc outside & swara looks on.

Swara thinks in her mind “sanskar I feel like its true that u are my husband & we love each other alot but i want to know it from u?if u are not my husband why does u are caring about me this much?” Then she closes her eyes “also if u are not my husband then i wil be broken into pieces”

Sanskar talks with the doc “why still she didnt regain her memory?” The doc replies “must be due to her condition Mr.Maheswari also I said before u have to take good care of her & also dont tell anything to her which she cant bear if not it can be dangerous to her life” sanskar holds his hand near to his chest & looks up

In Sanskar’s room

Ragini gives juice to swara “are u my sister?” Ragini replies “haa Im ur sister” then swara looks at her “but I cant remember any thing can u tel me what happend to me?but I dont remember ur name? Ragini looks at her & says “lm ragini & laksh is my husband also our parents lives in baadi.I have informed them.they will come now” swara asks “ragini but why are u staying here?” Ragini gives her a confused look & then looks down “Im married to sanskar’s brother” sanskar & laksh enters the room but swara doesnt notice them.

“Pls ragini will u tel me the truth?am i married to sanskar?but that girl said we are divorced now?but why does i feel so much to him?if he is nt my husband why does he care about me this much?& i dnt know why Im feel paining when i think he is not my husband?why does i feel like this pls tel me ragini?” Laksh looks at sanskar.

Shekar & sumi reaches there.ragini says “swara” then sanskar replies “why are u thinking about me this much?” Swara looks at sanskar.sumi & shekar enters to the room.ragini goes near laksh.sanskar sits near swara “I know why” others also enters to the room.swara looks at him then kavitha also comes there. “Because u love me even though u have forget everything u cant forget our love”. Kavitha is shocked.

He holds swara’s hand “Yes Im ur husband & we are nt divorced” in a sudden swara hugs him. “I felt that u are my husband but I really wanted to know it from u” she keep crying. Sanskar wipes her tears “dont cry swara pls” she looks at him “ok I wont cry but pls promise me u wont leave me?” Sankar replies “no I wont leave ur side and I promise” swara hugged him.

Credit to: Achu

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