swaragini- a new attire ep 2


Thank u fr ur support…I really didnt expect this much of support.Once again thank u!And Im little disappionted aftr swasan marriage wil b stopped in middle & an actor wil b replaced hope it wont b Varun!

On the main road near to Maheswari Mansion

“Swara” sanskar shouts loudly.swara is unconscious cuz her head is bleeding.sanskar picked her upto his lap & continually keep telling “swara!swara!swara!pls open ur eyes!u cant leave me swara!” but swara didnt move or open her eyes.sanskar shouts “swara” looking at the sky.

Swara admitted to the hospital.all the family members are waiting outside & swara is taken to the operation theratre.sumi crying & shekar standing like a stone.laksh also keeping crying then he see ragini crying alone by sitting in aside.laksh keeps his hand on the ragini’s shoulder.

Sanskar is keeping his head on annapurna’s shoulder “Maa this is my fault.I just thought about Kavitha’s happiness & I never thought how will swara feel about my decision.its my fault” then sujatha replies “no beta this is not bcuz of u.she ran to the outside of house” sanskar looks at sujatha “mom!even now u feel swara is wrong” sujatha replies “no beta!” sanskar shouts “pls mom!not now!”

Suddenly Ragini hugged laksh & starts cry “no laksh I never thought swara wil do like this.yes I made them separated but I didnt know that swara love sanskar this much” she wipes her tears & say “I know nothing wil happens to her.swara is very strong nothing can break her & until Im there thing can reach to my sister bcuz we’re swaragini”laksh shocked to see her concern towards swara.

Few hours ago…

Doc comes from the operation theratre & sanskar runs towards to him “Doc!!!how is swara?is she fine?” Doc asks from him “what is relationship with the patient?” Sanskar replies “She is my wife” kavitha shocked with his reply.A nurse comes towards doc “Doc!the patient regaining conscious & she is shouting with the pain” sanskar pushes away the doc run towards to the ICU room.

In the ICU room

“Ah!my head is paining!I cant tolerate this pain!” Swara is keep shouting & sanskar reaches to the ICU room.he is so happy to swara.sanskar walks towards to swara then she see sanskar and keep watching at his face.sanskar sits near towards to swara & holds her hand.”how are you?”Sanskar is shocked with her question.the nurse replies “he is ur husband”.Ragini comes to the ICU & asks “how are you swara?”then “Is that my name?”swara asks from ragini & sanskar is stil shocked “what are you staying?” then swara looks at sanskar “are you my husband & is that my name?swara is that my name?”Sanskar breaks his slience & asks “what happen to u swara?Im ur sanskar & that’s ur sister ragini” swara is shocked “OMG!are you my sister?”Ragini shakes swara & shouts “swara dont act pls tel me what happen to u?”sanskar shouts “ragini” then looks at swara “cant u remember anything?”swara shakes her head with teary eyes.Kavitha enters there sametime swara asks from sanskar “really u are husbandd?before sanskar replies “haa swa…”Kavitha shouts “No he is not!”swara looks at sanskar & holds his sherwani “say me the truth!As she teling the truth?”then suddenly she holds her head “Ah!” kavitha replies “No he is not ur husband!u both are divorced”stil swara holding her head”we’re divorced?Ah!”then she faints & fell down to sanskar’s lap.

Im sorry guys if any spelling mistakes are there

Credit to: Achu

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  1. oh god its too good… i want sanskar to slap that cavity for this….

    1. LOL!!! cavity seems a gud name bye the way 😉

  2. Awesome episode achu…. PRECAP plzzzz..

  3. mridulakrishman

    Awesome update dear…but pls don”t seperate swasan

  4. Superb but plz make it long

  5. Very nice actually the replaced actor may be nikhita coz she is not hpy with her -ve role..1st they promised her fr +ve role n now they nade her-ve so,.

    1. actually no actor is going to be replaced coz they’ll show kavita’s death to the whole world but she’s not dead.she act as to be deasd to separate swasan.

  6. Awesome but swara should think that sandbar is his husband plzz

  7. Go hell kavitha
    Pls unite swasan

  8. Itz different..N m loving it..keep it up achu

  9. swasan pls..

  10. Nooooooooooo plz don’t separate swasan

  11. Hey achu i want sanky to slap cavity n also doc shud say dat dey were unable to save swasan’s baby n ya its juz a suggestion n rest is ur wish

  12. How dare that cavity said that sanskar is not swaras husband! !!!she should be get slapped for this.

  13. Please don’t make her loose her memory…..please
    Almost every FF has that…..?

  14. Awsm updates yrr

  15. memory loss omg

  16. Ehhhhh i hate dis kavita….n i think mybe swara is actng …..idk…plz updt big plz….n dnt seprt my swasan??❤❤❤❤

  17. Hey it was superb pls update next part soon?

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