swaragini- a new attire ep 13

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In Rohit’s house…

“Maa! Where we are going?” Sharun asked “to papa’s place” swara looked at sharun’s face “do u want to stay with papa?” She holds sharun’s face “swara'” sanskar shouts & sharun gets scared “i think i said to pack ur things & sharun’s” he sits beside sharun “beta i cant stay without u so u have to come with me?” Sharun hugs him “i also wants stay with my papa” sanskar smiles

“Within 6 hours there is flight & we are going on it” sanskar said it without looking at swara “wow papa i will tell to everyone” sharun runs out of the room “sanskar i dont think if we come with u” before she continue “why? Have u decided to keep away my son from me like u kept away urself?” Sanskar says rudely “sanskar u are married man did i say anything to u? Why u are taunting me by saying sharun?” Swara shouts “yeah im married to u but” before he say “what about kavitha?” She asked “what about kavitha?” He is confused “u married to her naah” she said it with tears on her eyes “u thought i married kavitha” he pushes her away & leaves “sanskar pls dont do like this its hurting me” swara is crying hardly

“Papa i want to introduce u for my friends” sharun said it while holding sanskar hands “papa u know my friends said that u wont come & u dont love me also some of them said that u are not my father thats why u are not coming” sharun looks down while crying. Sanskar knees down & holds his hand “sharun its my mistake i should come to meet u” looking into sharun’s eyes “beta papa loves u alot if ur maa is my soul then u are my life. I cant live without u both. Ur papa wont leave u & ur maa forever. If u both leave me again i will die” sanskar wipes sharun’s tears “sanskar” comes to them “pls dont say like that” she is crying “swara its true if u leave me once again i will die” swara knees down & hugs him “pls dont say like that i need u & our sharun needs u” he kisses her forehead “i love u maa & i love u papa” sharun hugs them.

Sanskar comes into his senses & breaks the hug “sharun come & introduce me to ur friends” sharun nobes “swara did u finish packing?” He asked “haa” she said “dont leave a single thing & a single document” he said “why papa?” Sharun asked ” because ur papa wont allow us to come here back” swara said “papa! Maa knows u well” sharun smiles “thats why she is my soul” he said while swara looks on

“Swara are u sure about what u are doing?” Rohit asked “see how happy is sharun?” Rohit & swara looking at sanskar & sharun playing together. “And u?” Rohit asked “he is my life rohit” she said “sharun” rohit replied “sanskar” she wipes her tears “still i cant remember my past & i can remember my sanskar, our marriage & our moments together” swara said “i thought u forget him” rohit said “no if i remember him only i can forget him but he is always in my heart so how can i forget him” she said “after whatever he did” rohit asked “yes because i cant hate him if i hate him means i hate myself which i cant do” she replied “now u love him” rohit said “i never stopped loving him until my last breathe i love him” she said “u never talk about him in this 5 years & u didnt want go back to him” rohit said “i was not apart from him he was there with me always in my mind. Until i see him again i never had a feeling to go back to him but after he seeing him infront my eyes again i dont want to be away from him whatever happens i will stay with him” she said “as whom” rohit asked “he have to decide it” she said “i hope he can understand ur love” rohit said “he loves me more than i does rohit” swara is looking at her husband & her son.

“Thank you rohit! U & ur family took good care of my wife & my son for last 5 years. I dont know how to repay for ur favour?” Sanskar said “oh hoo sanskar dont be formal after all she is my sister” sanskar stares at swara “swara is correct u love her alt” rohit said “sorry” sanskar is confused “ur eyes! It shows how much u love her!” Rohit points at swara then she sees them “u know sanskar i was wondering swara is totally naughty in her chlidhood but sharun is so reseverd & well mannered but after seeing u i got know sharun is totally gone on u” sanskar smiles “yeah he reminds me that my chlidhood” rohit keeps his hand on sanskar’s shoulder “sharun never met u upto now in this 5 year but he has ur qualities because he is symbol of ur love for swara” sanskar looks at sharun “i dont know about this 5 years but upcoming years his father will be with him i never leave him” rohit replies “swara? What about her?” Sanskar Smiles “if she leave me again i will die” rohit smiles

On the way to airport… Inside the car…

“Papa who else there in ur house? Will nanny & nanaji also comes there?” Sharun is sitting on sanskar’s lap & swara sits beside them “haa they will! So u know them?” Sanskar asked “haa papa they comes to visit me” sanskar stares at swara then she looks down “do u know ur dadimaa, badi dadi maa, bade dadasaa, dadasaa, Adarsh bade papa, Pari badi maa, their son Sharvan, Laksh chaacha, Ragini Chachi or upki behen Myra?” Sanskar said “this much of people?” Swara smiles “haa beta u have 1 younger brother & 1 younger sister” sanskar caresses sharun’s hair “will they forgive me for hiding sharun?” while asking, swara leans on sanskar’s shoulder “haa swara u know how much they love u?” Sanskar holds her by her shoulder. “Papa what about me? Will they like me” sharun asks by making pouting face “haa they all love u my son” sanskar said “maa see i have a big family” swara smiles “Im Sharun Sanskar Maheswari” sharun points himself “this is my father Mr. Sanskar Maheswari” sharun points at sanskar “this is my mother” sharun points at swara “Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari” sanskar said. Swara looks at him “still i have that right” she asked “u only had that right & only u will” sanskar looks out at window. She trightens her grip. Sharun keeps his head on sanskar’s chest “everything is back to normal but kavitha?” Sanskar thought himself.

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