swaragini- a new attire ep 12

Im really really very very sorry! I know i took long time to upload this part. Im sorry my bestie’s wedding so i was busy so i couldnt upload im sorry. But i will promise u guys i will upload next parts regulary hereafter if u guys like my ff! Its promise! But for that i need ur comments.

In the sanskar’s office…

“Its has been 5 years now swara but still my heart beats for u… Im searching for u in this 5 years like a mad man… have u regain ur memory? How can u stay alone without ur family? Without me? Because for me its too hard stay without u… I love u swara” sanskar is at his office and looking at swasan’s pic.”sir can i come inside?” Mr. Gupta asked “yes come inside” sanskar wipes his tears “sir there is a business conference in Delhi i think u have to a take flight in the afternoon” Mr. Gupta said “Yes i think within 1 hour there is a flight check for tickets in that” sanskar replied “within 1 hour??? Okay sir” Mr. Gupta left the cabin “I dont know from last few days her memories killing me inside.” Sanskar looks up.

In Maheswari Mansion…

“Jiji sanskar called now” sujata said while entering the kichten “what he said maa?” Kavitha asked. Sujatha got angry to see her “yeh chori what doing here? Go to ur room” kavitha leaves the place “sujatha” ap said “jiji its 5 years now first swara left this house then ragini & laksh went to london. Still we didnt hold our myra? She is 3 years now. Everything is changed now” sujatha wipes her tears “haa sujatha ragini & laksh moved on their lifes. Their daughter myra! If swara is there… must be they also having a child now but kavitha is here not swara we have accept that. Leave it. What did sanskar said?” Ap said “jiji he is going to Delhi within 1 hour hopefully this tour make him forget his sorrow” sujatha & ap looks on.

In the flight….
Sanskar looks out from the window…then he thinks about something…

Flashback starts…

Thats wedding night of sanskar & kavitha. He standing at window then his mobile rings “swara” he said “its me sanskar” sumi said “maa is everything okay?” Sanskar paniced “swara is left the country beta” he can hear sumi’s voice mixed with tears “left means? How can she?” Sanskar asked “she didnt want to u know about her leaving so thats why im calling u after she left” sumi said “no maa she cant do like that” sanskar cries “im sorry beta i couldnt stop her” sumi cuts the call. Sanskar breaks down.

Flashback ends

In the Delhi… 2 days later…

Sanskar is driving his car. Suddenly a little boy jumps to the road. Sanskar try to control the car but he couldnt. The little boy falls down. Sanskar stops the car. Yes that little boy met the bonnet of sanskar’s car. Sanskar gets down from the car & runs towards that little boy. He sees a blood river. He feels like a part of him lieing on the road & fighting to live. Sanskar carries him to the car & drive to the nearest hospital. A lady sees this who knows that little boy.

In the hospital…

“Its 1 hour now. How is he now?” Sanskar shouts to the doctor. ” calm down Mr. Maheswari that child had lost lots of blood also his blood group is rare. Hard to find.”
Doc replied “my blood is also rare one” sanskar replied “no Mr. Maheswari i prefer we should give his parents’s blood considering to his age & also i know its accident case but only for ur reputation we have admitted him here without informing the police so try contact his parents” doc left & sanskar gets worried.

A gentle man comes to sanskar. “Did u admite a little boy who is 5 old?” He said “yes Im Sanskar Maheswari” he can see little disturb in that gentle men’s face after hearing his name. “Im Rohit Bose thats my ..” before he could complete “sharun!!! Rohit what happen to my son?” Sanskar is shocked “no no this cant happen!!! She cant” yes it was his swara.

Swara turns & sees sanskar. She is surprised for a moment but her son is most important to her. Doc comes here & narrates the whole story. “Doctor u can take my blood?” Swara said “come with me” doc leaves & swara follows him. Within half in hour she comes back. Sanskar is not his senses now. He sees his love once again. She still same nothing changed. Her look, her beauty & her elegance then he notices her sindoor & her mangalasutra. He looks at rohit “she is moved on her life. I should be happy. I must leave now without creating a problem for her” he turns to leave “Mr. Maheswari u must stay here” rohit said before sanskar asks something.

“Sorry maam ur blood group doesnt suit him. I think he must have his father’s blood group” doc said. Swara is shocked “no” a nurse comes to sanskar “we must fill complete the admission form before start the treatment can u tell the patient’s name?” Sanskar doesnt know how to react then swara replies “Sharun Sanskar Maheswari thats his name” sanskar is super shock “what” he murmured. She turns to doc “his father is here” points at sanskar then turn to him while crying “Sharun Sanskar Maheswari son of Sanskar Ramprasad Maheswari” she said “no no no this not true” he comes towards her.

He drags her shoulder & shouts “is this true?” She nobes yes. He remembers their inimate moments together. He feels like someone starbs his heart “my son! My son!’ He steps back “i crashed my own son” then sees her face who still crying “swara” she looks up then suddenly she can feel a tight slap on her cheeks & she fells down. Rohit holds her “Mr. Maheswari! Is this way behave with ur wife?” Sanskar is surprised “My wife? Then u?” Rohit replies “she is my cousin” he holds her shoulders “is there anything else that i dont know?” He jerks her.

“Mr. Maheswari! Ur son’s condition is complicated so?” Doc said “yes take my blood pls save my son” he follows the doc. Swara thinks the past incidents.

Flashback starts…

Once swara faints sumi took her to a doctor. “Congrats Mrs. Maheswari. U are gonna be mother” swara is surprised & her tears rolling on her cheeks “maa im pregenant maa this is sanskar’s son i know once he get know he will be crazy maa i wanna meet him” she touches her belly “shona its late now u can tell him tomorrow i think this baby will make everything correct”

Next day she went to mm & saw sanskar & kavitha’s marriage. “Maa he got married to kavitha im not important to him so im going to dida’s sister’s place maa” swara said “but beta u should inform ur pregenancy to sanskar. Its his right. He is father of this child shona” sumi said “maa this is sign of our love. So this child will be with me. Promise me that u wont tell him a word then tell him i left the country then he can move on in his life. Promise me maa” swara said

Flashback ends

“Maam ur son regained conscious” swara runs to the room where her child is there “sharun!beta! Are u fine?” She cries then boy replies “am sorry maa i shouldnt do like that” she cries while hugging him then sanskar enters to the room with lots of questions in his mind that does his son knows him swara sees him then breaks the hug & gets up from the bed. Sharun sees sanskar “Papa! Papa!” Tears falling from both of them. “Maa! See My Papa came” sanskar is shocked. His son knows his father.”My son” he hugs him & cries for some time. “Papa! Maa said me that u will come to meet me today because its my 5th birthday but until evening u didnt come naah! I thought maa lieing to me like everyday she does so i ran out of the house then” sharun said.
Sanskar wipes his tears “naa beta ur maa didnt lie im sorry i couldnt come to meet u but i will promise u hereafter ur papa wont leave u.” Swara smiles by hearing his first words but his last sentence makes her scared. “Sanskar” he doesnt look at her “beta u sleep now. Papa will come back” sanskar gets up but sharun holds his hands “papa pakka u will come back naah?” Sanskar smiles “haa i will come back i promise that ur papa wont leave u hereafter” kisses sharun’s forehead. Sanskar drags swara by her hands.

“Sanskar! Its paining!” Swara said “do u know how its paining to me swara? Thats my son i dont know him for 5 years.” Sanskar shouts “no sanskar” swara said “shut up no single word” swara cries “now pack sharun’s things &” sanskar said “no sanskar pls i cant stay without him pls sanskar he is my son” swara cries hard by holding his hands “im not stoned heart person like u i know u without live ur son but u never knew i cant live without u” he said “now go & pack sharun’s things & urs. We are going back to kolkata today itself” he said “but sanskar” she asked “no arguments i want my son in front my eyes” he leaves. Swara looks on.

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