swaragini- a new attire ep 10

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In Swasan Room…

Swara wakes up sees she still in sanskar’s embrace. She combs his hair by her hands “all this days ur eyes said me that u love me but last night i realised how much u love me! I love u Sanskar” she kisses on his cheeks. She tries to wake up then he drags her hand. She falls on him “sanskar” he kisses on her lips & she closes her eyes. She pushes him “sanskar i love u” she runs to washroom. “Swara i dont think about anything else finally i got ur love i dont want to loose it” said to himself.

Swara is wearing a red marwadi saree & combs her hair. Sanskar comes form washroom then she sees finger marks on her hand & bruises on her neck. She smiles reminding last night. Sanskar hugged her from behind “why are u smiling swara?” He holds her hand “aaah” she shouted “swara what happend?” He panics then see her hand “im really sorry swara i didnt” before he finish “this is why ur wife is smiling” she hugs him “thank u sanskar making me feel as complete woman” he smiles

In the kichten…

“Jiji how is sumiji now?” Sujatha said “she is little better now but ragini will stay there for another two days” ap said “haa its good anyhow sumiji will be worrying about swara” sujatha said “but sumiji asked not to inform swara about her because it can affect her health” ap said “im worried about once she knows the truth what happen? Yeh chori will die. She loves sanskar alot”

Swara enters to kichten “maa u give it me i will do it” she takes the spoon from ap “sujatha” rp shouts “yeh chori take look of this” sujatha leaves. Ap sees swara feeling diffculut to work “swara what happened?” Swara panics “no nothing maa” she replies & ap looks at red marks on her hand & her neck then ap understands it “its happy to see u two moving forward but sometimes scared after u are regaining will it same between u & sanskar” ap worries in her mind.

In the office…

“Bhai i think we should resgiter ur marriage i took swara’s sign & urs so” laksh said “no laksh not now” sanskar said “but bhai” laksh asked “wait until right time comes” sanskar replies “check about the project if we got it u have to usa for 5 years” laksh asks “bhai its ur project how can i go?” Sanskar takes the file “because of swara’s treatment i cant go & i informed ragini too” laksh replies “but u take swara among with u” sanskar gives the file “baba wont allow study this files” laksh lools on

2 days later…
In the night at swasan room…

“Swara” he enters to the room while shouting in the excitement “haa sanskar what happen?” He carries her & turns around “swara i got the usa project” he lifts her in his arms & kisses on her lips “sanskar go & fresh up” she said “no i want something else” he keeps her on the bed & switch off the lights. They get inimate with each other.

In the morning…

“Once bhai’s marriage gets registered everything will be fine” laksh said on the phone “what” kavitha shouts & sanskar comes there “what happen?” He asked “u are asking me what happened? Ur brother planning to resgiter ur marriage how it can happen?” She asked “i know i promised after divorcing swara i will marry u kavitha but” then they hears a sound “swara” laksh whispered. Yes swara is listening to their conversation & pooja ki thali dropped down from her hand.

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