Swaragini: You never know (intro)


Hello everyone! M a big fan of ‘SwaRagini’ show hence thought of sharing my first story based on my fav show:)

Here is d intro. Hope u like it:)


Swara sighed as she stared at the ceiling impassively. It was Sunday again…the day of working out the deal and she knows she needs to hurry up. But then an unknown feeling clouded her conscience. Till how long is she going to spend her life in this manner?

Agreed it was her stubborn decision that led to the making up this deal but now those indecipherable feelings in her heart was forcing her to consider her plans.

She wasn’t this serious frowning devil- a tag by her employees- earlier but then everything doesn’t turn out the way we have desired. The relationship with whom she thought as the love of her life had completely broken her. She hadn’t dreamt in her,wildest nightmares that the man she loved was a hideous monster who in his greed of achieving his goal had engulfed her, her soul sister Ragini…

Betrayed and broken badly, the only ray of hope in her life was her childhood bestie~ Sanskar…the rock solid support and the only one who had advised her to stay away from the devil. But she had turned a deaf ear to him and landed herself in a big problem. Then to make matters worse, she approached him with the ridiculous deal which he had bluntly refused. After lots of persuasion he had agreed reluctantly.

Today was the completion of one month since they signed the contract. No one knows about it not even her dear father. And she wanted it to remain that manner. But ever since she got a hint of Sanskar’s feelings, her conscience had been riling her ruthlessly upon her actions. But she won’t budge, she won’t go back on the promise she made to herself, she won’t step back.

With this new found determination, she dressed herself in an elegant cut out blue short dress reaching upto her knees. The sweetheart neckline adorned her swan neck and she let her straight hair down. She switched the sensible part of her brain before it can interrupt her in the mission of satiating her desires…


Do comment whether I should continue or not as it’s a bold concept that I haven’t seen being dealt in the ff’s I have read till now.

So let me clarify, the deal is actually a friends with benefits deal. Other than that, why Swara has turned herself like that, who was the man she loved, what happened to Ragini, Sanskar’s take on the entire issue and how finally Swara realises her stupid mistakes will form the crux of the story…So should I continue?

Don’t forget to tell me your views friends, till then Alvida and stay happy(:

Credit to: Kirti

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  1. who are the pairs ??? kirti plz tell fast
    if it is raglak only i will read
    bcuz i like only raglak i dont like swasan
    n they r many ffs of swasan not raglak so could you make this one raglak

  2. plz reply kirti

  3. Hey all swaragini fans plz wch swaragini @ 9:30 pm only on colors. Guyz plz don’t bash @ me but seriously guyz we should wch d show odr wise coz of low trp d show ll go off air. N plz its a request to both raglakians n swasanians don’t f8 like cats coz in dis f8 sm one odr is taking our bread. Try to b united guyz n request d CVS to show both raglak n swasan quality scenes.

  4. Nyc one cont… Dear…..if der iz ragini den i”ll surely read it…???

  5. AnuAnn

    Nice dear

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