swaragini-a never ending lovestory (chapter 6)


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Gadodia mansion…

swara runs to her room….ragini goes behind her to console her. Sumi and other family members are asking apology from guests for wasting their time. Guests leave from there.

Family members goes upstairs….ragini is still knocking the door….swara is not opening the door. Everybody get tensed. They r thinking that if swara has done something to her self. Shekhar tries to break the door.

Just then swara opens the door…everyone is surprised seeing her smiling and in formal dress.

Sumi: I thought you are sad because of rohit.
Swara: no…I’m not…I’m very happy that he showed his real face in front of me at right time….and I didn’t have to marry that cheapster.so you guys just chill.because I’m happy that I won’t be his wife… because I never loved him.and probably never would.

Sumi: I knew that my daughter is very brave and understanding.

Shekhar: after all she is my daughter.

Sumi: (with smile)no…she is our daughter.

Swara: ma…Papa….If I ask you something….will you give it to me?

Shekhar: just ask for it…I will get it from anywhere.

Swara:papa…I want to go to Delhi.to get a degree in music.

Shekhar:(shocked) but beta….you can also get degree in kolkata….what is there in Delhi?
Sumi: let her go….If she will stay there for some days….she will be able to forget what happened here.

Shekhar: but I won’t be able to stay away from my princess.

Swara: I’m not leaving you forever.I’m just going to get a degree.and I will come frequently in vacation.

Shekhar:(sighs) okay…
swara:(hugs shekhar) thanks papa….you are the best papa…

Sumi:(pouts) and what about me????

Swara:(smiles and hugs her) you are the best mom too…

Ragini:Di….you forgot your little sister. ..

Swara: how can I forget you??? You are my darling sister.

Ragini: Please don’t forget me in Delhi….I will remain your sister always…


Swara hugs ragini. She takes blessings from dadi and dida.

Swara: there is a flight tonight so I’m going to pack my things.papa please book the ticket.
Ragini: I will help you Di.

Shekhar: okay.

Swara is ready to go to Delhi….she takes blessing from everyone.

Sumi:(kisses on her forehead ) take care Shona….I’m proud of you.
shekhar:call us when you reach there.
ragini:and give me all updates of Delhi….about people,environment…everything.

Swara:okay….I will miss you all….bye..(To herself ) here I come Delhi…hope you will be nice to me.


Sanskar and laksh have agreed to durgaprasad.so they are joining the company after one week.

Sanskar goes to kavita.

Kavita: (surprised ) Sanskar….you ??? Here??? You were missing me na??? I know I didn’t meet you… but how could I? ? My brother’s marriage broke….and my family was in tension.

Sanskar: I want to talk to you about something.

Kavita: I know you want to tell me that you love me….you will never leave me…and I love you too….I have full faith on you…and after breaking of my brothers marriage…you are the only reason that will make my parents happy. …because I know that you will never leave me…

She hugs Sanskar.Sanskar doesn’t hug her.

Sanskar:okay..kavita…I have to go…as I have some important work to do…bye…take care.

Kavita:bye Sanskar and I love you.

Sanskar does not reply her.

Sanskar :(to himself ) how can I break this relationship…when she needs me more….I will think about it later.

Suddenly he gets a call… It is durgaprasad..

Dp :Sanskar. ..Please go to the airport…my friend is coming …please go there to receive him.and take laksh with you.

Sanskar:okay…bade papa.

He goes to the airport.he is waiting at the arrival. But the plane has not arrived yet…

He and laksh are talking. And a girl hits laksh with his bag…girl falls down.laksh is picking up her bags and Sanskar is helping her to get up.

Girl: thanks.
And she goes…

Just then dp’s friend comes and they take him to their mansion.

PRECAP : Swara is standing at the footpath and no taxi is available there….A car stopped seeing her and the guy in the car says”can I give you a lift??”

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  6. I like swara this attitude …grl should be independent n fought with problems …. Always crying is not good.. N crying is not solutions to problems
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