swaragini-a never ending lovestory (chapter 4)


Thanks guys for your support…..files of the episodes deleted from my device…so it took me long to write them down again …Please tell me if you like the episode…and suggest me some changes if you feel like….

So here we go…


In the car

Swara was sitting in themail car looking outside of the window.suddenly she felt something on her hand. She looked at it..It was rohit’s hand.

Rohit:so swara,you will be my wife after two weeks…so, is there anything you want to tell me?

Rohit:oh…come on swara!! Don’t be shy…tell me about your hobbies.

Swara:(with excitement ) yes…I love music….and as my college is finished….I will not go to do MBA…..I would like to get a degree in music.

Rohit’s face became pale hearing this.

Rohit:(with an expressionless face) I want to tell a thing frankly…you can not work or study after marriage.I and my parents won’t like it.

Swara:(shocked) but why rohit?

Rohit: because I think that women should only look after family and home after marriage.women is made for taking care of home.if women start working then what will men do?

Swara:(angry hearing this)so you are trying to say that you want to put restrictions on me….but excuse me Mr.rohit saxena……I’m not that typical type of girl,who obeys blindly to her husband’s nonsense. I’m a human and a also have my choices….

Rohit:(crushes her hand,which he was helding in his hand) low your voice down swara… This is the first and last time you speaking to me like this….never try to do this again ……or I will….

Swara:(winches in pain) what rohit??? You will what??? Speak up…
Rohit:(leaving her hand ) nothing….forget what just happened…

They reach the shop. Swara is selecting lahenga and rohit is selecting sherwani.swara likes one lahenga with light blue and white combination….With golden patchwork.She goes to changing room to try that lahenga.

She was about to change what rohit comes inside…

Swara is shocked And covers her self…

Swara :(with anger) rohit?? What are you doing here?? Can’t you see I’m changing??? Don’t you have shame?? Just go….

Rohit:(places his hand over her mouth )Shh….calm down swara. I’m your to be husband….don’t feel shy…

Swara tries to speak.
rohit: okay….I know you are being shy…but I just want to tell you that don’t wear this type of clothes,in which your back is shown….take something else with full sleeves and covered back.

Rohit leaves without listening to her..
A tear of disgust fell down from swara’s eyes.

at Maheshwari mansion….late night…
sanskar was not feeling like sleeping…He was roaming around….so he goes to lucky’s room.

Lucky was playing game on his play station…suddenly he hears a knock. He switches off the play station….and pretends to sleep.
sanskar comes inside.He sits beside lucky.
sanskar :I know you were playing games…so you don’t need to pretend to sleep.

Lucky:(gets up with shock) but how do you catch my lie always ?? Ma and chachi could never catch my lie.

Sanskar:(with smile) because I’m your brother.you can fool ma and badi ma…but not me.

Lucky:oh!! By the way…you wanted to say something…?

Sanskar :I want to tell you about kavita…

Lucky: now what happened to her??
sanskar:no….nothing happened to her…but sometimes I feel like she doesn’t love me…

Lucky:(shocked) what r u saying bhai?

Sanskar :yes lucky…I can’t feel that spark of true love in her eyes…and mine also
lucky: but bhai…you are together since the first year of the college and after one week is our final exam…After that you will tell our family about your relationship…..that was all you decideed…..then suddenly what happened?

Sansjar: I don’t think that kavita is the one for whom I was looking for.and I also feel that she is hiding something from me….whatever it is….but I don’t think that we both love each other…

PRECAP : After exam,results will be declared in one week.Durga prasad tells to sanskar and lucky that they should join the company.swara is sitting in the mandap and suddenly rohit gets up and says that he can not merry swara.

Credit to: sayena

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