swaragini-a never ending lovestory (chapter 3)

Hi guys……I am very confused because there are swasan fans as well as swalak fans…..so help me deciding the pairs…..and also tell me if you liked the episode or not…….

If you haven’t read previous episodes…..here is the link…..


So Let’s get started…..


Kolkata…Gadodia mansion….

Swara is in bathroom, ragini starts shouting”Di…are you sleeping inside???”

Swara: no…I’m awaken…why?

Ragini:then what is taking so long?

Just then Swara comes wearing pink top and light blue jeans.

Ragini: Di….you are looking good in this colour…

Swara: Thanks….but please help me with accessories and makeup, I’m confused what to do….

Ragini: (in a teasing way)why?? To impress Jiju? I know you want to make him flat over you, don’t worry….I will make you super gorgeous today that jiju will not take off eyes from you….

Swara: stop teasing me, I will have chance of teasing you also one day….just wait

Ragini: but for now, I have the chance (suddenly remembered something) by the way jiju is waiting down in living room with ma papa, I forgot to tell you.

Swara:you are telling this now??? Please hurry up!!

Ragini:(starts teasing)I know you are desperately waiting to meet him….but have patience till I make you ready

Swara: (sighs) ya… This is important to me….because I want to know him….ragu! What you think? Rohit knows anything about me?My likes,dislikes? Will he understand me?

Ragini: don’t worry Di. …everything will be fine…..

Just then sumi enters the room and sees Swara , who is not ready yet

Sumi: you are still not ready?? Rogiet is waiting for you

Ragini: ma…tell jiju that if he wants to see my beautiful Di then he has to wait for some more time….I will not send her that easily….(she says with sisterly attitude )
Sumi: (smiles) okay! But make it fast and you also get ready

She goes..


Laksh,sanskar, kavita, nikki(amaya of tere sheher me),ayesha (sheyron of D3 ), rishabh(randhir of sadda haq ),and mohit (sahir shaikh ) are sitting in the canteen…

(The whole group of friends are very famous in college for their love and friendship with each other… )

Mohiy: if I see rajat again…I will surely break his bones…

Kavita: thanks guys for your support….I’m lucky to have friends like you (suddenly her phone rings ) excuse me guys ( she goes to attend the call)

Kavita: yes brother, plan is working perfectly, I will tell you as it goes on…..you also do as per plan…

just then lucky comes there….

Lucky: what plan kavita? What are you talking about?

Kavita looks at him shockingly.

Scene -3

Swara is ready….ragini brings her downstairs.

sumi: (to rohit) you and Swara go, we will come after some time….as we have some work to do..

Ragini:(confusingly ) but ma…I have nothing to do….I will go with them

Sumi:(pressing ragini’s hand slowly) you also have something to do….remember?

Ragini understands that sumi wants them to be with each other for some time.

Ragini: ya I forgot that I have to help ma in kitchen…..so you both go….

Rohit: okay….We will go…. (turns to swara) shall we go???

Rohit:(whispers in her ear) by the way you look hot today….

Swara is shocked listening to him as he used that word in their first meeting. But she then thought that it is his nature and way to admire a girl. Every one has their own way to express themselves.

Swara(smiles): thank you.

Swara goes with rohit outside.

Sumi looks them with a smile.


Outside of the canteen…

Laksh: say it kavita…I am waiting for your answer

Kavita: (blabbering ) no….nothing….nothing laksh….I….I was just talking to my brother about study…..and I was talking about the plan to finish syllabus…..nothing else (gives fake smile and changes the topic.) By the way why did you come here??

Laksh: I just came to call you as you were taking this long.

Kavita: okay….then let’s go.

She sits beside sanskar..

Sanskar :(shouting ) laksh come here….kavita is here….then whom r u looking for??(To kavita)
today you have to eat more as im feeding you with my hands…

Kavita looks at him and smirks.

PRECAP: Swara goes to changing room to try lahenga. rohit goes inside and Swara is shocked. Sanskar is talking to laksh and says”I don’t know why but I can’t feel that spark of true love in kavita’s eyes.and mine also.”

Credit to: sayena


  1. Anu

    Nd yr episode is very gud….nice bond between sisters nd brothers but plz start their love story soon nd reveal kavita’s truth also nd plz make swasan

  2. Lila

    Ragsan swalak plz tgere are too many ff of swasan. Ragsan and swalak plzzzz. I really like ur story. Plzzz make it ragsan and swalak

  3. maya

    swasan plz just see. swasan VM u definitely feel swasan plz……
    plz swasan 2 day nice epi dear plz. swasan…….

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