swaragini-a never ending lovestory (chapter 2)

Hi guys……I’m here with new update…..hope you will enjoy and pls let me know if you want swalak or swasan……I will make the pair requested by your comments…..so don’t hesitate to give your view on this…..whatever they will be I will appreciate them..

And guys in my ff swaragini live in kolkata and sanlak in delhi…..and you can assume rohit as karan wahi….



In Delhi MBA college….

One girl is seeing running fromy the back of the college to the garden area.but she was stopped by two hands ,holding her shoulders.she tried to scream but the guy who stopped her put his hand on her mouth.

Girl:please leave me rajat…I don’t love you,I love someone else…and you can’t force me to love you.

Rajat: oh kavita, why can’t you understand that I’m mad behind you….so u can’t ditch me….Please try to understand

Kavita : (crying out bitterly)I never saw u with those sight, I always consider you as my friend,so please leave me for the sake of our friendship

Rajat:but I saw u with those sight from the first day (with lusty tone) your curves,your figure made me crazy when I saw you for the first time

Kavita was crying vigorously when rajat tried to force her….suddenly a hand holds his neck from behind. Rajat moves and the face of the guy is shown, he is sanskar,with angry look

He was looking at rajat with uncontrollable ager

Sanskar: how dare you touch my girlfriend? I won’t leave you. ( he starts beating him) I thought you were a nice guy, I made u my best friend and you did this to us. I feel shame to say that you were my friend.

He starts beating again,but somehow rajat escapes frome his hand and runs away with his bike.

Sanskar goes to Kavita and consoleso her…..when suddenly another bike started following rajat’s bike.

They are on main highway now.the guy was following rajat, suddenly he hit rajat’s bike with leg and bike slips….rajat fell down on the ground.

The guy on another bike stops and removes hamlet from his head. He is laksh (but all call him lucky).

rajat: lucky???? You???? Don’t interfere in the matter…you are not involved in this.

Lucky: how can’t I? After all you tried to molest my brother’s girlfriend. (He starts beating rajat)

Rajat: I want to tell you a truth….Please believe me…..Kavita doesn’t love sanskar.

Lucky : please don’t give this meaningless excuses. What did you think I will believe on your nonsense? No way…I believe my brother and his choice, I don’t have any doubt on his choice,so please leave from here before I loose my temper again.

Rajat leaves from there, while the echo of rajat’s words roa ming around lucky’s mind”Kavita doesn’t love Sanskar”.

PRECAP: swara goes to changing room to try lahenga and rohit goes in. Swara is shocked. Kavita talking on the phone with someone suspiciously and lucky saw it.

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